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Pink Spot Order Roulette

Pink Spot Vapors Rollin’ Roulette Ring in the new year Vegas style! Play Pink Spot Vapors Rollin’ Roulette in store and online the entire month of January. Take your chance at a little Roulette action and reap the rewards! Every order is a chance to play in store and win a discount. Our Rollin’ Roulette… Read more »

October Cruise Promotion

   Cruise Giveaway: Join Pink Spot Vapors in our October Cruise Promotion! Every order receives an entry. Two ways to enter – Two Cruise giveaways! We will draw one winner from all of our Las Vegas Locals – in store, and one winner from our online orders.  Every entry is a  chance to cruise away… Read more »

Are You A Vaper For Life?

Keys, check. Wallet, check. Drank, check. Mod, check. Extra batteries, check. Bottle of ejuice, check. Heading out the door can seem like a tedious task when you have so much to bring with you! Take this quiz and check off as many items as you can. Let’s see if you are a Vaper for Life!… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Vaping? Take this quiz to find out

Most people have heard about vaping, but how well versed are you? BDC, BVC, sub ohm, resistance, mouth to lung, temperature control, dry hit…what do all of these words mean?! Take this quiz to find out how much you know about vaping.

Above-Ohm Vaping vs Sub-Ohm Vaping

Above-Ohm (1+) Vaping vs Sub-Ohm Vaping More and more people are starting to vape every day. With the flood of new types of devices on the market, and many of our old favorites no longer being produced, a lot of experienced vapers will be looking for new devices as well. When going to pick out… Read more »

Singles Awareness Day – How Good Are You At Being Single?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Will you be found in the pantry shoving a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates (that you bought yourself) in your mouth, sobbing or appreciating your independence? Take this quiz to find out!

Most Frequently Asked Vaping Questions Part 2

Why does my tank leak? While most of us have had our tanks leak on us from time to time we don’t always know why this has happened. It’s easy to think the tank is defective or broken. While once in a while this is the case, most often the leak is caused by an… Read more »

Got a New Mod – What to do With Your Old One

You got a new mod! What a great feeling. You quickly yank the batteries out of your old mod and start vaping on your new beauty, forgetting about your other mod. Don’t just throw the old guy in a drawer to collect dust. Here’s what you should do when you replace your old equipment with… Read more »