Noticing the Benefits – part ten

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It has been two months and 11 days and I have no desire to smoke. I think it is safe to think that I am past the worst of it. I don’t feel the constant urge to smoke. I feel like I can leave the room and not have to take my mod with me… like I will be ok. I feel like I am ok to share with you what I love about not smoking! I am sure you have experienced these before, but they are new to me and I am so excited about them!

I can smell things again. I walk in my house and I smell freshness! Most likely the plug ins I have plugged in, but I had a hard time smelling those before!

Taste – Everyone says things taste better and they aren’t lying! Things taste amazing! Even just a plain ol’ chip tastes so much better!

Living in Las Vegas, and it being 110 degrees plus… and not smoking in the house (vaping ok) means I am not standing outside or in the garage sweating!

The fact that I can put lotion on at 7:00 in the morning and still smell it on me at 6:00 at night is a huge plus that I didn’t expect!

My hair smells amazing – always!

Kissing is soooo nice. Because my husband and I both smoked, it wasn’t a huge deal to us. Now, kissing is so nice when you don’t have that nasty burnt taste in your mouth and on your breath.

Side note – now my husband points out my garlic breath! Haha


Like I said, these are just a few of the advantages I have noticed. What other things did you notice when you stopped smoking?


Written by Pink Spot Vapors

Pink Spot Vapors

We created PSV in 2009 after being disappointed constantly with the quality of liquid and customer service in this industry. Our mission is to create the best quality and most unique eJuice flavors in the world. We only use Pharma grade nicotine, U.S. food grade 100% kosher PG/VG and food grade flavorings.

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