Hammer’s Road to Quitting #5

Brian Hammer from 107.9 Bob FM has been more than a week without cigarettes and is digging being smoke free thanks to e cigs. While Hammer first imagined himself as a person who wouldn’t enjoy the sweeter e juice flavors, he describes his love for our grape e liquid and how he has come around… Read more »

Hammer’s Road to Quitting #4

A week ago, Brian Hammer from 107.9 Bob FM vowed to put down the tobacco sticks and live 2014 smoke free. In his most recent video blog, Hammer has been seven days without cigarettes and has figured out which types of flavors he enjoys vaping. See what Hammer has to say about RY8 and Curious… Read more »

Can E-Cigarettes Make You More Creative?

Ever wonder where your favorite artists get their inspiration? The answer could be nicotine. Scientists have long known that hair-like extensions called axons allow information to travel between brain cells. Researchers have now discovered that axons are not merely passive information transmitters. On the contrary, the right stimulation can help axons turn the signal up… Read more »

Hammer’s Road to Quitting #3

Brian Hammer from 107.9 Bob FM has gone 5 days without traditional cigarettes, ditching the tobacco sticks for electronic cigarettes. In video #3, Hammer outlines his experience visiting Pink Spot Vapors and the benefits of living smoke free. We continue to wish Hammer the best of luck on his journey to quit smoking! If you… Read more »

Hammer’s Road to Quitting #2

When we last saw Brian Hammer from 107.9 Bob FM, he was getting used to the world of e-cigs and figuring out which flavors he enjoyed vaping. In this second installment, Hammer tries out our Juicy Watermelon e liquid, which he describes as a “Jolly Rancher just exploded in your mouth.” If you haven’t already,… Read more »

Why Buy E Liquid Anywhere Else?

After experiencing constant disappointment in the industry regarding product and customer service, we at Pink Spot Vapors decided to create the highest quality and best tasting e juice on the market. That’s why we’ve created over 100 delectable flavors of e juice, and are proud to provide the best customer service in the industry. There… Read more »

Hammer’s Road to Quitting #1

Brian Hammer from 107.9 Bob FM has made a vow to quit smoking and start vaping with the help of Pink Spot Vapors. Hammer is a pack a day smoker that hopes to kick the habit, documenting his progress along the way. Here is day 1 of Hammer’s quest to put down the cigarettes for… Read more »

How Quitting Smoking Improves Your Looks

With the new year in full swing, now is the time to make resolutions to improve yourself over the next 12 months. One way to enhance your overall health and improve your looks is to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. If you were hoping to have a happy and healthy new year, check out these facts… Read more »