Got a New Mod – What to do With Your Old One

You got a new mod! What a great feeling. You quickly yank the batteries out of your old mod and start vaping on your new beauty, forgetting about your other mod. Don’t just throw the old guy in a drawer to collect dust. Here’s what you should do when you replace your old equipment with… Read more »

Most Frequently Asked Vaping Questions

How much nicotine is in a cigarette? I know many of you out there have thought about this, and depending on who you have talked to, may or may not have gotten a good answer. The truth, there is no set amount of nicotine in a cigarette. In a traditional cigarette the nicotine comes from… Read more »

Curious About Your Valetine’s Day Gift? Take This Quiz For A Hint!

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is just a made up Hallmark Holiday or you believe it’s a true holiday to celebrate Love, you will be bombarded with hearts and candies soon after New Years ends. What your significant other will get you will be dependent upon how the relationships been going. Take this quiz to… Read more »

Must Try Flavors in 2016

It’s a New Year, why not try a new flavor? The saying “straight from the horse’s mouth” might be a bit confusing, but let’s go with it. Instead of hearing us brag about our delicious ejuice flavors (we maybe a little bias) we have complied a list of our best sellers from 2015 along with… Read more »

Our Top Reasons to be Thankful This Thanksgiving

As you get ready to pack your bags for the airport or load up the car to visit friends and family this Thanksgiving, it’s worth taking a moment to think about all that you’re thankful for this year. Maybe you landed that big promotion you’d been chasing after, or perhaps you welcomed a new bundle… Read more »

Tips for Winter Vaping

While here in Las Vegas we enjoy pretty warm temperatures all year long, not everyone in the country is as lucky. As we move deeper and deeper into the fall and headlong into winter, the thermometers are going down while the thermostats move up. What about your vaping? In the colder months, there are some… Read more »

Check In, Checked Out – Tips for Holiday Travel

Late last month, the U.S. Department of Transportation stepped in to issue new guidance regarding ecigarettes on airplanes. The new Interim Final Rule prohibits passengers and crews from storing their mods in checked baggage, meaning that those who love to vape will have to bring their ecigs aboard in carry-on luggage. This shouldn’t be a… Read more »

What Kind of Vaper Are You?

Are you a Stealth Vaper, using your ecigarette on the sly, or are you a big-time vape user, a real Cloud Chaser who is always seeking the biggest puff possible? Answer our latest quiz honestly and find out!  Leave us a comment below and let us know what kind of vaper you are! Happy vaping!