Go Bobbing for Great Ecig Flavors this Halloween

Everyone remembers the fun and rush – usually from all the sugar – that comes with trick or treating on Halloween. Going from house to house, bringing along your Halloween bucket, bag or even just a pillow case and stocking up on what seemed like enough treats to last you clear through the end of… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Your Ecig

You clean your kitchen and your bathroom, wash your laundry and your car, but how often do you clean your ecig? Just as with everything else in our lives, a clean ecig performs better, lasts longer and is more appealing than one that’s caked with dried ejuices, dead skin cells or just plain gunk. Here… Read more »

Second-Hand Vape? No Such Thing, Study Says

Most of us have heard the phrase “second-hand smoke” before, describing the potentially hazardous substances and unpleasant smells that come from passing by a smoker exhaling or their cigarette smoldering. During recent months, several groups have tried to pass off the phenomenon to ecigarette users with so-called “second-hand vapor.” However, a recent study has caused… Read more »

Why Are People Making the Switch?

Many former smokers have snuffed out their habit and jumped on vaping. The trend has grown exponentially in recent years, and some forecasts call for ecigarettes and ejuice to outpace traditional tobacco sales by the end of the decade. The reasons to drop the smoking habit and trade up to ecigs are plentiful, but earlier… Read more »

Five Fall Flavors to Wind Down With

In most areas of the country, schools are back in session, the temperatures are FALLing and hello Sunday Night Football! – it’s truly turning into fall. As the leaves change to their fall colors, now’s a great time to explore changing up the flavor that’s in your tank. Here’s a look at five of our… Read more »

Ejuice Safety: Why It’s Important to Be Careful Around Pets

Our customers know and love the great flavors and tastes of our premium eliquids, but they may not be aware of a potential hazard to other members in their home: their pets. Cats and dogs are great companions who love to go for a walk or curl up on the couch with you while you… Read more »

The Power Is Yours: Variable Voltage and Wattage

Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and this is true with ecigarette technology too. There are many different variations of batteries and tanks that can provide a diverse vaping experience. The most common options available are variable voltage, variable wattage and variable voltage/variable wattage devices, each of which allow novice vapers as well… Read more »

Still Time to Weigh in on Proposed Ecig Regulations

Late last month, President Obama’s administration announced that they were further delaying the timetable to regulate ecigs, eliquid and nicotine exposure warnings, providing consumers an extra month to weigh in with their thoughts. According to an article posted last month by The Hill, the D.C. newspaper focusing on activities on Capitol Hill and at the… Read more »