Georgia Peach Flavor

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Mmmm peachy! Our Peach E-Liquid tastes just like the fruit.


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I like it, but it can be a little off at times. Going to let it steep more. First puff was grand, second I couldnt put my finger on another flavor, third...... milk? Going to give a different peach flavor a try I guess. Since I LOVE peach flavor. Ill try in a couple days and review again.
So being from Georgia myself and being stationed in Washington now, I found a flavor to pick me up and sit me down on a nice rocking chair, eating a peach, while watching the rain fall. The flavor is an expolsion of sweetness and just a bit of sour that you would find in a good ol' homegrown Peach. Pink have yet to dissapoint me.
It's not just excellent, it is deliciously amazing!! Going to have to go back to the store very soon!
I've been looking for a real peach flavor since I started vaping and for one reason or another they have all been lacking. Too candy flavored, too weak, tastes like aftershave, etc, etc. This one nails it. It tastes like a perfectly ripe peach with no weird aftertaste or any ick factor. It tastes like a perfectly ripe peach and smells like it too. The smell is spot on for the taste, no false advertising. This is now my all day vape. If only they made a fuzzy navel with peach instead of orange I'd be in heaven.
To put it plain and Simple... Its all gone and I'm here to order more! Yummy peach flavor!
I love anything peach flavored and this definitely doesn't disappoint. I also mixed it w/ some cantaloupe from another vendor (trying to get it to taste better).... it was okay, but I'm sure if you guys made a peach/cantaloupe juice it would ROCK! Think about it... I know it's a popular flavor combo.
To me this tastes exactly like candy peach rings. A lot of 'in your face' flavor, even after vaping it all day. Tastes great mentholated too.
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