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I am not saying you HAVE to scream from your rooftop that this is the best e-liquid, smoothest and most flavorful tobacco based flavor you have ever tried. I am not saying you NEED to tell everyone you know, put it on billboards and post on every forum you can find. I am not saying you NEED to make YouTube videos about this flavor even though you can barely use a computer...I am just saying you will.


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Taste good. A little heavy on my tastebuds, but still a good vape. When I want a tobacco flavor, my choise is PSV Honey Cured Tobacco!
I've been trying my sample pack from Pink Spot and so far this is hands down my fav. Reminds me of a hazelnut coffee. Nothing overpowering. Doesn't really taste like tobacco, but that's ok it taste great!
Sweet Jesus, this juice is good. Just loaded my eGo and man, if this one isn't fantastic. Thinking of mixing some caramel or butterscotch in to give that extra kick but it really isn't required. I thought Riptide was gonna be my daily vape but Swagger? ...I might be in love with you.
Ok.. Why did I wait so long to try Swagger? WOW! What a delicious e-liquid! I am a tobacco only vaper so I normally dont go for sweet/fruity vapes or anything other than tobacco... This stuff is pretty sweet but it still makes me think tobacco... But it reminds me of birthday cake as well... It has a "smoky" tobacco flavor with a sweet mix... its hard to really describe the flavor but if you have not tried it, dont hesitate. Its amazing. One of my top 3 all time favorite juices! Thanks Pink Spot!!! Can't wait to try some other Pink Spot Tobaccos!!!!!!
I do not taste much tobacco; however, this liquid is absolutely amazing. To me it reminds me of caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!! Yummy!!!! That is all I have to say!! Go get it NOW!!!
I wouldn't call this a tobacco at all, however it is pretty delicious. For me its a really strong caramel flavor and a little vanilla. besides no real tobacco flavor my only other problem is that it is really really sweet(its great with coffee). Im going to let it sit for a week or so and see how it goes. all in all its a good vape
Ridiculously good, & love it so much I won't smoke much of anything else. 74 days without a cig & must say without having found Swagger right from the start, I'm not sure I could say I'm still going strong ~ Thank you !
I'm new to vaping (about a month now) and I tried PSV completely at random for my first endevours into refilling my own liquid. This one I picked based on reviews and was blown away. Not really good for all day to me, but early morning and in the evening I puff this for hours. Bravo!
I forgot to use the star rating. 5 Stars and then some.
I just placed an order and in two days it was here. Included was a hand written note and a sample bottle of Swagger. I haven't even vaped it yet but by the smell alone I know I'm in love with it. I wish I ordered this in the large bottle instead of the banana bread only because I just quit smoking Marlboro Mediums/RedLabel and I like tobacco flavor as an all day vape for now. How they got grandmas banana bread in a bottle is beyond me. It is so so good. Wow I taste and smell things as I haven't in over 30yrs. If someone would have said you'll be vaping not smoking I would never have believed it. Smoking was my dirty little habit now it's my tasteful passion. If your gonna quit smoking and vape it's crucial you find something you like. I read reviews because being new to vaping I was clueless. I sent an email explaining that I was vaping tobacco but it was starting to bore me and flavors may be my alternative. I asked Pink Spot to surprise me on my sample bottle and I was sent this amazing juice. I can tell just by the smell alone. It's steeping now. I feel like she knew me better than I knew myself lol. This will be my adv. will be getting the biggest bottle they have. I have an ego starter kit I'm using now and a mini zmax on the way. Also I just purchased a terminator drip tank and wow. After vaping Pink Spots juice it's a no brainier I will keep coming back for more. Thank you Penn, Sandy and staff. I'm so fortunate to have found such an amazing company dedicated to customer satisfaction.
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