What Anti-Tobacco Groups Don’t Want You To Know About Vaping

Cigarettes lead to as many as 400,000 user deaths every year, making it the leading cause of preventable death in the US.  Despite the dangers being widely known, the tobacco industry remains profitable and as many as 20% of Americans are addicted to this dangerous product. Why don’t people quit? Well, ridding the body of nicotine is very difficult. The chemical has strongly addictive properties and the activity itself, lighting up and smoking, is highly habit forming. But what if there was a product that retained the basic qualities of smoking–nicotine as well a simulated smoking effect–but contained none of the dangerous carcinogens? Well, that product is real and even though it might save lives, anti-tobacco groups are fighting the growing e-cigarette industry and pushing for restrictive laws.

give vape a chance

Why Are People Vaping?

E-cigarettes provide users a dose of nicotine and simulate the experience of smoking with vapor. But opponents of vaping say these products could lead to users smoking conventional cigarettes, even though evidence suggests just the opposite. The majority of e-cigarette users are people trying to quit, or reduce, their smoking habit. The number of people who’ve gone from e-cigarettes to regular cigarettes is minuscule.

E-Cigarettes Aren’t Tobacco

Tobacco companies have been harshly criticized for their marketing campaigns and persistent efforts to hide the dangers of their product. The public advocacy groups that have formed in resistance to big tobacco have taken on e-cigarettes as their next foe. Others, including New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, are hailing the proliferation of e-cigarettes as a real, relatively healthy alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. They explain that e-cigarettes should be regulated, but not as cigarettes. Instead, they should be considered for what they truly are: a pharmaceutical product that delivers nicotine. Anti-tobacco advocates should use this revolutionary product to help make  traditional cigarettes obsolete.

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