Vapers vs Normal People: Surviving the Apocalypse

In the event of an apocalypse, normal humans worldwide would be flocking to Costco, Walmart and REI. Flashlights, matches, canned food and cases of water would be flying off the shelves at lightning speed — all the necessary items to survive the apocalypse…unless you’re a vaper. Vapers are headed straight to their local vape shop to stock up on their favorite e-juice flavors.

Vapers stock up on their favorite e juice flavors during the apocalypse

No one knows how long it will take to wait out the apocalypse and as a vaper, the apocalypse itself is less of a disaster than running out of e-liquid. In preparation for the end of the world, stop in to one of our two locations to grab enough Gummi Bear to get you through, and pick up a few unique flavors to keep your taste buds occupied while you’re at it.

Happy Vaping!


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