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Black Mamba Flavor

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Black Mamba E-Liquid

In the wild, the Black Mamba is known for its lethal poison. At Pink Spot Vapors, the Black Mamba e-liquid is known as a fierce blend of blackberry and cranberry flavors with a splash of citrus. Both have a serious bite. Black Mamba is just one of our many signature e-Juice flavors.

We craft this viciously blended e-Liquid to be the best, using a 60VG/40PG ratio.


Happy Vaping!

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Addicted! Pink Spot was the first company I ordered from, and I got the sampler pack. I was new to vaping, and really wanted to find out what I was into before I started buying large bottles of juice. Black Mamba was the only one in the pack I ordered "on the rocks," based on reading reviews. Wow! I am soooo glad I ordered it and sooooo glad I listened to the reviewers who said to get it "on the rocks." I was never a menthol smoker. I am not even really a big fan of blackberry or cranberry. But this stuff is perfect! I vape it with my standard eGo with a Vision Clearomizer (CE4, CE6). The berry flavor comes off as refreshing and not dark and creamy. I'm sure that's due in part to the menthol. The inhale is crisp and sweet, while the exhale is cool and refreshing. I don't really detect the citrus, unless that's part of what makes it a little crisp. Since receiving my Pink Spot order, I have gone a little crazy ordering TONS of juices from numerous vendors. I find myself craving Black Mamba while I'm vape-testing new flavors. I find myself craving Black Mamba while I'm laying in bed at night trying to sleep. I crave it while I'm at work and looking forward to my coffee break. In other words, TRY IT! Get it "on the rocks" as recommended by so many others, and prepare to shop for a giant tank so you can take it with you everywhere!
This is just outstanding!!!!!!!! Wish I would have bought it by the gallon. I'll have to cut this review short as I am currently vaping myself into a coma. I love it and my ''second hand " vapor victims are demanding I hit it even harder.
Why oh why does my sample bottle have to be so small??? I tried this and want it all day, but unfortunately I have to wait till payday to order me a big bottle. On the rocks is a must. This and Swagger will absolutely be in my future orders.
I'm new to vaping and Pink Spot was my very first online order of ejuice. I'm thrilled! I ordered on a Friday and it got here on the Monday after. Astounding service and packaging. Black Mamba was the very first I pulled out to try (based on reviews) and I couldn't wait. No steeping on this one. It's good right out of the bottle. I can't say what it would taste like after steeping as I know this won't last me long as I can't stop vaping it! I definitely taste cranberries and blackberries in the inhale. On the exhale I taste rum, I think? Not overpowering in the least. I got it on the rocks. This is just beautiful. Pink Spot has a new, happy customer :D
Just received my 1st order & I'm blown away! I'm thrilled w/ Black Mamba!
I bought this off the shelf at my local vape shop, not knowing what was in it, only tasing it and liking it. It was not until much later that I learned what the flavors were. Strange thing is, I don't like blackberries or cranberries, but I really like this Black Mamba mixed in with my tobacco flavors. Has a nice bite, I really like it!
so, i received my sampler yesterday and was initially shocked at how small the bottles were. black mamba (otr per the advice i read here) was the 'freebie' i chose, but the first one i tried.

um, WOW ... just, WOWWWW.

i've since tried pink spot and am just blown away by the quality of these juices. can't wait to try the others, and even though these are pricier than what i'm accustomed to, i will definitely order again!
Got this "on the rocks" and love it. Tastes like blackberries and cranberries with menthol. Will be my ADV for a while.
This is my #1 All Day Vape and has been for over 1 1/2 years now. I buy this in the 120ml size bottle and make sure I never run out. Love the sweet blackberry, the tart cranberries and the nice citrus bite. Love, love, love it!
Definitely Delish! It came with a free Blue spot Delish!
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California Proposition 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is or are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov 
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