Millar: E-cigarettes are a safe and excellent way of reducing our smoking rates


Hope for vapers: New bill could halt FDA e-cigarette prohibition

Nicotine may help prevent your brain from aging and hold off Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s


Medical Professionals Support Vaping And Electronic Cigarettes

Australia’s looming e-cigarette ban robs smokers of a chance to quit


Study of cancer-causing toxins finds e-cigs much safer than smoking


Smokers who become vapers drastically cut inhaled toxins, study finds


E-cigarettes 'are much safer than normal cigarettes, with a very low risk' says study

Quitting smoking made me a criminal

Canadian researchers say yes to vaping



I’ll say it again: E-cigarettes are still far safer than smoking


Utah changes its laws regarding vaping...

Indiana changing vaping for the state... click link for new law


Seeing is Believing...

Massachusetts changing vaping laws...please see link

CDC reports smoking at an all time low - trend started same time as vaping took off running.....

Congratulations America, you're kicking the

Good News! England leading the vaping charge

Public Health England "E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes. When supported by...


California Proposition 65: Pink Spot Vapors sells eJuice that may contain nicotine or other chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer, Birth Defects, or other harmful reproductive harm. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Click Here for More Information

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