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Raspberry Lemonade E-Liquid

Do we need to explain more? Raspberry Lemonade is a classically thirst quenching, tangy fruit bursting, great time having, summer favorite. We’ve managed to create the perfect e-Liquid version and it’s amazing! Great for an all-day vape all year around!

This refreshing flavor is made using a 60VG/40PG blend to ensure you get the smoothest vape in the world. Pink Spot Vapors makes all of our cocktail & drink inspired e-Liquid right here in the USA using top quality ingredients.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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20 reviews for Raspberry Lemonade Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Robert

    I received some Raspberry Lemonade as a free sample with my order. It’s sweet and tart, just like the real thing. So good I can’t put it down! I highly recommend it!

  2. Marty V

    The first time I smoked this. It just reminded of walking around the block drinking yummy ice cold raspberry lemonade on a very hot day. Very delicious juice.

  3. Jillian M.

    Best I’ve tried so far.. Definitely my all day vape.. Great TH

  4. Karen Canfield

    Phenomenal!! This could be my favorite flavor yet. And lots of vapor too! Yummy…

  5. Theresa Doster

    Got this as a free sample w/ one of my orders and when I tried it……. WOW!! It really hits the “spot”

  6. Mary Boley-Finley

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoy this flavor. It’s a lot better than the Lemonberry Cooler, in our opinion. This one is a MUST.

  7. Dave

    I received a small bottle of this as a ‘gift’ with my order of pink spot and orange cream soda. I wasn’t crazy about the pink spot, orange is pretty good, but the raspberry lemonade is great! Turns out it was wayyy to small of a bottle. Need to order more!

  8. Mike

    I am not usually a fan of lemons. I don’t especially enjoy lemonade but I love this juice. It’s got the perfect sweet/tart/sour balance where it manages to be my all day vape pretty consistently. Great raspberry flavor. Tastes like a ripe raspberry not a candy. The lemon is just on the edge of being too much but manages to stay in my comfort zone. PSV nailed this flavor to the wall, it is lacks nothing.

  9. Vicki Guetschow

    I hardly ever write reviews but I bought a 6ml bottle of this because of the great reviews. I didn’t really know what to expect when I tried this in a 2.0 boge carto on my ego & I was totally blown away! All I could say was WOW! & OMG! This was so good I went through the whole bottle in less than 24 hours! I’ve tried a lot of different vendors but these flavors kick ass! If you like Pink Spot you’ll love this but I highly suggest getting a large bottle & save yourself the trouble of having 2 reorder like me! I was a little nervous ordering from here the first time because there were so many great reviews on 95% of the flavors but I’m so glad I did I’ll never go anywhere else & the customer service was excellent They replied to every single e~mail You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks PSV!

  10. Geoffrey

    This is probably my favorite of the “fruity” flavors offered here. I find some of the “lemony/limey” flavors to irritate my throat and lose flavor over a short period of time, but the raspberry lemonade has been phenomenal and is a delight to puff on throughout the entire day!

  11. Piper

    I love this flavor. It’s a very summer-time cool kind of taste. I enjoy it. Raspberry Lemonade all the way really. They hit this flavor right on the money when they made it. Not too strong and not too light. Definitely a fav!

  12. Anonymous

    Nice blend of flavors, with a good saturation point which is neither overwhelming nor muted. Tasty!

  13. Anonymous

    This flavor is exactly like the name tastes wonderful would be an all day vape no doubt

  14. Alex

    I had to give this a five star! I don’t understand how pinkspot does it, Every flavor tastes so delicious and spot on to the actual product, And this Raspberry Lemonade is AMAZING! The flavor is so well made out. You inhale and taste the sweet Rasperry and as you exhale you get that tangy Lemonade flavor. Amazing.

  15. [email protected]

    Great flavor. Very refreshing. Great for vaping on a hot summer day. I recommend this one for you that like citrus.

  16. Julie

    My favorite! I was a little nervous to try the fruity flavors but this one I love!

  17. Daniel

    I am not a lemon guy but this flavor is #1. I put down my Swagger and this now has became my all day vape. This flavor is 100% spot on!!!! i go thru a 30ml bottle every week since tasting the first time.

  18. joehendrix

    First flavor I tried. Had me all over my vape like a raspberry cracked pipe

  19. Hannah

    I’m not saying this wasn’t good, but it wasn’t the best pink spot e liquid i’ve had. I definitely preferred the Peach Green Tea or the Cherry Limeade. It’s alright, but would not buy again!

  20. Tyler Commo (verified owner)

    This has been my go-to juice for the last year or so. Love the flavor. Just like their signature juice, it never gets old on the palate. Thanks, Pink Spot!

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