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G-Spot E-Juice Flavor

This delightful grape based flavor was inspired by the original Pink Spot and Blu Spot, creating a perfect trio of deliciousness. This blissful blend of grape, citrus, and pineapple is a masterpiece featured on our Signature Flavor menu. Once you come across G-Spot, you’ll never forget where you found it. Enjoy!

We create G-Spot using a 60VG/40PG ratio.

Happy Vaping!

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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33 reviews for G-Spot Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. TC

    excellent throat it suprised me a little, might even go so far as to call it reckless. If you like a strong throat hit and grape flavor this is the vape for you! I got it in 24mg in case you’re wondering

  2. Becky

    This is a really nice grape flavor. Almost like a grape popcycle. I got it in 18mg & it’s perfect. Will order this again in a larger bottle. I got it as a sample in case u wondered. If you like grape popcycles then u WILL love this one for sure!

  3. Matthew Lowery

    Great throat hit for when I need to wake up! Very strong grape flavor, they nailed it on this.

  4. Marty V

    Right away, this juice tasted like a liquefied grape Popsicle. It was very very good. Loved it. Had the right amount of throat hit and taste@!

  5. Nicole N

    This has quickly become my all day vape. Great flavor, great th and great vapor. It reminds me of a grape otter pop. Not the ones the sale these days, but the ones back when I was little and they still had the lil characters on the wrappers:) If you are looking for a strong flavorful grape taste, G Spot is for you!

  6. Dean Derrix

    The grape flavors really pop out at you in the G-Spot! It’s reminded me of a grape otter-pop! And as for the vape, with all the Pink Spot e-liquids: excellent! Nice big clouds and perfect throat hit.

  7. Oscar Bazan Jr.

    Found my grape vape, this flavor is stellar, spot on.

  8. Theresa Doster

    Absolutely the best grape e-juice out there. I just LOVE all three of your “spots”! Definitely a “must try” if you like fruity vapes.

  9. Mary Boley-Finley

    We love this flavor. Great daily vape.

  10. Joel-Adrian Saladino

    Taste really good, like a grape mountain dew or grape sprite. Really refreshing and a perfect all day vape.

  11. This is my favorite Pink Spot juice. It’s grape with some real tang to it.

  12. Ed

    It’s that good. The balance of the taste from the fresh grape mixed with other flavors, similar to the “pink spot” flavor is soooooo well mixed to perfection.

  13. nautty1

    this is the best spot of all three great job

  14. adam

    This juice is excellent. Rich grape flavor and a very nice purple color. This won’t get mixed up in your filled tanks. You just can’t miss the purple.

  15. RJS

    G-Spot is a harsh vape with a slight grape aftertaste. I tried to vape from three different tanks/cartos, but was disappointed every time. It also puts a serious stain on all wicking material it touches. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you want the kind of throat-hit that really burns.

  16. Ali

    Didn’t enjoy vaping this flavor it sort of taste like grape medicine


    I love this one!!! I was stupid to try and mix it with the crapy grape from the other compeny because it ruined it. Please forgive me PSV I won’t ever mix your heaven with anyone elses crap ever again.

  18. Victoria

    Didn’t think I would like grape, but this is so very tasty! Great vapor, too. Just, wow!!

  19. Chasen

    This is one of the first pink spot flavors I tried & I absolutely love it. It’s a flavorful combo of fruits, mainly grape, that doesn’t ever fade from its easily distinguishable taste

  20. GiGi

    Didn’t like this flavor very much. Tastes a bit too artificial. It reminds me of this grape lemon flavored Kool-Aid that my mom bought when I was a kid. I didn’t like that taste then and I don’t like it now.

  21. Hillroy

    If you are old enough to remember and loved NUGRAPE grape soda then you will love this juice. It tastes just like the old soda. Fantastic juice. I will be ordering a much larger bottle.

  22. Mueske

    The best “Spot” of them all. The delicious grape and lime fusion works well with the touch of menthol. Will post again if the purple juice stains my wick.

  23. Mueske

    Stains wick and next two tank re-fills of different flavors have purple hue and taste somewhat like grape. Vaping G spot is so worth it though!

  24. [email protected]

    I’m a huge fan of this juice! PSV has offered another winner. Tart, tangy mouthwatering pleasure. Look to order a big bottle soon!

  25. Jimmy

    super strong grape Kool-Aid, very tasty plain and simple. This juice is super dark almost black, I dont know if it will kill coils but I will probably use it with a cheap drip atty.

  26. Dorian

    After my first bad review, I decided to test this juice in dry.. and dude.. it was DAY and NIGHT ! I first tried it on an Evod and wasn’t really convinced with the flavor, but in dry on my Eternity, the flavor is really there, a sweet grape flavour mixed with a hint of pineapple and a nice, fresh throat hit from the lime ! Amazing mix, once again thank you PSV and sorry I failed you the first time ! You guys are great, so are your juices 🙂

  27. Clinton

    I’ve tried grape flavors from MANY different companies and NOTHING compares to G-spot! Very strong and deep flavor, reminds me of Welch’s grape drink or Kool-Aid. Other grape e juices are weak like candy, NOT G-spot. Works great in a tube cartomizer, curious what it tastes like dripping.

  28. Ragge

    This is my favorite so far. I started with 6 samples from PinkSpot, and OMG… Yestarday I recieved my next order with 12 new samples, and a 30 ml. G-SPOT 😀 I’ll keep coming back for more!

  29. Zeery

    THE BEST GRAPE VAPE!!!! If you’re looking for a tasty, all-day grape vape this is it! Finally found it!

  30. adrian sauls

    Very grapey like licking grape koolaid powder, and by that I mean dry and super deep grape flavor. Not really my cup of tea but still a well made liquid.

  31. chad perine

    This juice is the BEST!!!!! ive been vaping for a solid year and this is by far the best all day vape juice you can buy!!! My local store stoped selling it and ive finally found the manufacturer and i just dropped 200$$on this flav alone… call me crazy but i like what i like…. give this stuff a try. You wont be sorry!!!

  32. The Marks

    My all time favorite, smooth and absolutely amazing!!

  33. tony Attanasio (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor combination.”pink spot” rocks

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