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Clove Gourmet E-Liquid Flavor

Forget every reason you ever had for smoking cloves. Pink Spot Vapors has come up with the perfect Clove inspired gourmet e-liquid flavor!

Pink Spot Vapors uses a 60VG 40PG blend in all of our best eJuice flavors. It gives you a perfectly smooth vape every time!

Happy Vaping!

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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15 reviews for Clove Flavor

  1. Anonymous

    not a huge fan of clove ciggarrettes, but if this is your thing, i got to say this is spot on, down to the lip/throat numbing. so, if it is in fact your thing, you most likely would have to rate this 5 stars!

  2. Jeremy

    it even gives you kind of like a numbing sensation. I’m impressed by how realistic this vape was compared to a Djarum! All that’s missing is that crackling you get from a real clove.

  3. Treanna V.

    This is one of my favorite flavors, and you got it right (no one else seems to be able to). It smells like a clove and tastes like one, and its not $10 a pack. Great job ^_^

  4. Rob

    I used to smoke a pack of “Djarum Blacks” a day and made the switch to electronic cigarettes. I tried to find a similar taste to “Djarum Blacks”, but this taste nothing like it. It does however taste just like how a clove should taste, like other reviews said it does give you the clove numbing taste, which is nice. This flavor how ever does not taste anything like a clove cigarette.

  5. billy

    Dry, not sweet, and crazy powerfull! This flavor blows away all my cravings. The flavor, smell, menthol-like numbing, and throat hit are very strong. Maybe too much for some tastes or for vaping all day, but I absolutely love it. Have a dedicated atomizer/cartomizer, it will overpower all other flavors. Just like cloves, but better!

  6. Dave

    I am with the other reviews here. It has a nice bite, not sweet, great TH, and nice vape production. I gave up searching for a vape that has a realistic tobacco flavor and decided to try something to fill that void. It could be an aquired taste for some, which also could be a good thing… for me it is. Great service here at Pink Spot.. high quality product too.

  7. Ben

    I switched to vapor from Djarum Black and never go back except in case of emergency (like running out of liquid before the next bottle arrives in the mail). The only other clove juice out there either has too much tobacco flavor in it or is meant to taste like candy or gum. This is straight-up clove and might take some adjusting to, but you’ll never want to go back. 🙂

  8. elle

    Wow… disappointing. I counted my self a connoisseur of clove cigarettes. I smoked Djaram Black for ever… This was like smoking an essence of clove oil or pefume.. gross, way too strong, I’ve tried blending a drop or two in with a tobacco liquid, but it’s still overpowering. Clove fail IMO.

  9. martin

    I smoked cloves for years switched to pink dot clove….It’s better than any other clove e liquid out there… I’ve tried them all… the trick is to mix it…half menthol half clove.

  10. Martin Tesch

    sorry I meant pink spot not pink dot….haa

  11. Fyremane

    Im new to vapeing myself, and myboyfriend bought me some juice for my Birthday, and Rhis is one of the ones i chose.

  12. justin

    reminds me of djarum blacks so far its awsome.

  13. Blue

    I have soooo been missing my Sampoerna Clove Mild Menthol cigarettes, since the ridiculous BAN. I fairly recently began vaping and have been searching and trying EVERY clove I could find. The regular menthol cigarettes have been KILLING my throat and I just can’t stand the smell, since the clove is missing. YUCK! So again, I’ve been trying any clove e liquid I could find and OMG!!! THIS IS THE BEST CLOVE flavor I have found! Again, I cannot even mention the number I have tried, there’s just too many to count!!! Just THRILLED that FINALLY someone got it right!!! I just put 1/2 clove and 1/2 menthol liquid and it is just like the Sampoerna Mild Menthol Clove I have been missing. 😉 It is great!!! I can get the amazing flavor that I love either with or without nicotine. SOOO YUMMY!!! Also, their Menthol e liquid is ALSO the BEST around as well!!!. IMHO, I even prefer it to their other menthol flavor, USA Menthol Blend, personally. Again, I’ve tried several menthols, from several companies (not as many companies as I’ve tried, just to find the the best clove liquid), but I have tried 8 different mwnthol liquids, and one of the pre-filled cartridges… YUCK-O!!! 😉 SOOO, THANK YOU PINK SPOT!!!!!! For the Clove AND the Menthol!!!

  14. Sakaya

    It is exactly as described. Clove. I highly recommend that a small sample bottle be purchased prior to scaling up. This is the most potent flavor I have tried so far, which may be fine for some, but a little too strong for me.

  15. Sherri (verified owner)

    PinkSpot is the best clove vape i have tried. It is very strong, which i love. I mix the honey cured tobacco and clove together it makes it perfect. You may not like the clove alone because it is strong, which is why i like it so much, but i mix it with other flavors it gives the perfect clove taste. I highly recommend trying the honey cured tobacco mixed with clove, i use 3/4s honey cured and 1/4 clove in my tank. I have tried 3 other brands of clove and none come close to the rich, strong, clove flavor PinkSpot offers.

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