Research Finds Nicotine Can Help Treat Alzheimer’s and Diabetes

Good news for diabetes and Alzheimer’s sufferers: recent studies have found that nicotine can help treat these diseases. As research over the past decade has revealed more information about the way nicotine impacts the body and brain, more health benefits of the drug are being uncovered. Two notable discoveries are a lower rate of Alzheimer’s disease among smokers, and the possible usefulness of nicotine in treating diabetes.

Can nicotine really help treat diseases?

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Nicotine could be instrumental in helping patients suffering with Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Recent studies have found that nicotine boosts cognitive abilities in elderly patients, even those suffering from Alzheimer’s. One study distributed nicotine patches to Alzheimer’s patients, while another group of participants received a placebo. The group that received nicotine patches sustained their cognitive abilities for a longer period of time. In some cases, Alzheimer’s sufferers even recovered lost cognitive function. A separate study found nicotine to improve cognitive functioning among elderly subjects who were experiencing non-Alzheimer’s-related mental decline.

Researchers have identified a compound called acetylcholine as the reason people are more likely to be Alzheimer’s-free. The naturally occurring compound is structurally similar to nicotine and works as a neurotransmitter. Like acetylcholine, nicotine attaches to nerve receptors, making nerve cells fire more often.

Nicotine has also showed promise as a treatment for diabetes, with surprising effects on blood vessels. The drug was shown to promote new blood vessel growth, contrary to popular opinion. Since many people with severe diabetes suffer from poor circulation, this discovery could potentially lead to new diabetes treatments.

Science continues to discover surprising health benefits of nicotine, and the list of positive impacts is growing.

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