Research Finds Nicotine Makes People More Focused and Improves Memory

Vaping helps the brain

E-Cigs: How They Boost Brain Performance

Can nicotine really improve work performance? According to the findings of a groundbreaking National Institute on Drug Abuse meta-analysis, yes. In 2010, the United States government published research that found nicotine to have positive effects on motor skills, focus, memory and speed. The effects were so significant that researchers ruled out statistical chance as an explanation.

The Trial

Head researcher Stephen Heishman and his team studied all 256 published non-medicinal nicotine tests conducted since 1994. These tests were conducted to study the effect of cigarettes on smokers and non-smoking nicotine on non-smokers. They then selected the top 48 trials for meta-analysis.

All of the trials were placebo-controlled with nicotine-free patches and cigarettes, and subjects were double-blinded so they were unaware if they had received nicotine or not. Heishman’s team also only used trials in which none of the smokers were craving tobacco in order to eliminate the risk of smokers performing well because of their relief from the effects of withdrawal.

The Results

The results of these high-quality trials revealed that nicotine had positive impacts on human performance in the areas of memory, speed, focus and motor skills. These findings suggest that nicotine is a true “work-drug” that improves brain performance in work situations.

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