Why You Should Stop Eating Peanuts and Start Vaping

vaping safer than peanuts

It’s your Aunt Fanny’s birthday. The whole family’s coming over. You’re in a creative mood and spotted a fantastic recipe on Pinterest for banana-chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting. Instead of buying Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Yellow Cake, you go with Pinterest and make the fancy cake instead.

It’s creamy. It’s delicious. It melts in your mouth. The family eats the entire thing.

Approximately 25 minutes later, Aunt Fanny’s lips look like two hot dogs and her throat’s swelling shut. In your pursuit to provide a delectable dessert, you failed to remember her peanut allergy.

Peanuts cause about 100 deaths annually. You know what doesn’t? Vaping. Next time, skip the cake entirely and get her an e-cig from Pink Spot Vapors instead. She’ll thank you for it later–you know, since she won’t be hooked up to an IV drip or anything.

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