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The Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

anatomy of an ecig

If you’ve always been a smoker, looking at an e-Cigarette can be a weird glimpse into a futuristic world. The good thing is that you’re already thinking about making the switch! E-Cigs offer a premium vaping experience. They are easy to use, cost effective, and offer significantly lower health risks than your standard tobacco product. They’re better for the environment, they don’t emit carbon dioxide, and they don’t include thousands of dangerous toxins. Rather, you will find yourself enjoying delicious, flavored vapor that includes a specified amount of nicotine.

Typically when you look to invest in your first e-Cigarette, you’ll find yourself face to face with a few different elements that seem daunting at first, but are necessary to ultimately lead you to an amazing vaping experience. No matter what direction you decide to take, you will need power, from a battery; a heating element, known as an atomizer; and your e-Juice, aka e-Liquid. This unstoppable trio are the basics you will need to vape. No matter which brand of e-Cig you choose (we have many great brands on our website!) you will generally find that they contain these same parts.


The atomizer is in charge of creating the heat that turns your ejuice into vapor. You’ll find that your atomizer will contain a coil that should regularly be changed (every 5-10 days). Changing your coil helps to keep your vapor tasting fresh and vibrant. You can easily change your coil by following your devices instructions and simply removing and replacing the coil.


Your atomizer may put out the heat – but you still need something to power that atomizer. That’s where your battery comes in! You’ll find most of the batteries available are rechargeable and fit seamlessly onto your vaping unit, or may be their own standalone unit. When you are shopping for e-Cigs or batteries, you’ll run into the term “mAh”. mAh actually stands for millampere-hour which describes the total charge capacity for the battery. Your battery and atomizer both draw and emit a certain amount of energy (usually 2.5 ohms for the most basic atomizer and a baseline of 3.7 volts from your battery).

Anyways – what that all means is that batteries with a larger mAh will last longer.


Pink Spot Vapors is world famous for our gourmet eJuice flavors. We draw inspiration from cocktails, desserts, candy, and classically delicious flavors. Depending on your source for eJuice, you’ll find that they are all different. Some will give a smooth vape, some produce more vapor, or some just taste better (just not better than Pink Spot, lol). At Pink Spot Vapors, our winning formula consists of 60VG 40PG (learn about PG & VG here). It gives you a full, smooth vape with amazing hits of flavor. We can also customize your eJuice to meet your specific standards if you find that you prefer a different ratio.

You’ll be able to choose just about any flavor to meet your taste; from classic tobacco to banana crème. Experimenting with different flavors will help you to find your favorite “all-day vape”.