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Tips for Winter Vaping

Tips for Winter Vaping

While here in Las Vegas we enjoy pretty warm temperatures all year long, not everyone in the country is as lucky. As we move deeper and deeper into the fall and headlong into winter, the thermometers are going down while the thermostats move up. What about your vaping? In the colder months, there are some special considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your vaping experience is just as great as it is in the nicer months of the year.

Molasses in January

With the cold weather comes a consideration for the storage of your favorite ejuice whether it’s in your tank or still in a bottle. Leaving your mod or tank in the cold for an extended period can make your liquid thick as… the proverbial molasses. While this can usually be solved by simply returning to the warm inside air, if the juice has become too thick you may have already started experiencing burnt hits as your juice no longer feeds your coil properly. We all know how burning your coil that first time can taste terrible and ruin what was a perfectly good coil.  Try to keep your ejuice and your ecig in climate controlled conditions whenever possible. Even keeping it in a pocket close to your body or in the palm of your hand may be enough to keep the ejuice flowing.

Blizzards and Batteries

Batteries can suffer in winter weather as well. Cold conditions can lead to reduced battery life and poor charging; making the blustery conditions all the more frustrating. Lithium-ion batteries, in particular, can be affected, notes Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews. They should not be charged in temperatures below freezing. At the frostier temperatures, the battery can look like it’s charging like normal, but actually lead the lithium inside to create plating over the electrode. If this happens, over time, it could lead to unexpected behaviors from your battery, including overheating during use. Keep your batteries in an inside pocket or limit the time outside to keep vaping smoothly, or at the very least, allow your batteries to return to room temperature before throwing them on the charger.

Condensation and Precipitation

During the winter, many of you get hit with snow, hail, frost and other freezing forms of precipitation. While it may start out harmless enough as a seemingly dry powder on your jacket or gloves, with just a bit of heat, it’s all water. Water that can wreak havoc on your hardware. As we’ve discussed before, and should be fairly common knowledge to most of us, water and electronics don’t mix! Making matters worse, winter also causes condensation to occur more frequently. Just as your glasses fog up when going from cold to warm conditions, condensation can occur allowing moister to get into where you don’t want it. When traveling, try to protect your vape from these issues by packing it in a carry case or enclosing it in a bag or pocket that’s close to your body. This will keep it more or less moisture free and warm enough to not be a casualty of winter.

Metal and Flagpoles

Lastly, a simple note of caution about your vape, or at least your mouthpiece. We’ve all seen young Flick get his tongue stuck to a flagpole in that Christmas classic. Well it turns out you could experience the same thing (on a much smaller scale) if you attempt to vape somewhere as cold as rural Indiana. We are talking of course about the use of a metal drip tip. When cold metal comes in contact with your moist, warm, lips the heat can quickly dissipate, freezing your mouth to your vape. You can risk it if you’d like, or switch to a nice, freeze-free plastic tip.

While you get ready to start dressing in layers for the winter months, make sure that you take a few moments to prepare your ecigarette for the cold ahead too. You could, however, move to Las Vegas with us, and enjoy the warm weather, smiles, and local delivery service! Whatever you decide, stay warm, stay charged and stay vaping!