Does Vaping Save Smokers Money?

E-cigarettes have been on the market long enough now to determine how similar and different they affect a person’s finances. The truth is: smoking electronic cigarettes will save a traditional smoker hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars every single year, depending on how much they smoke.

Considering the kind of economy you currently live in, it is no surprised that a lot of people turn to electronic cigarettes simply because they are looking for a way to save a little cash. The unfortunate truth is that not only are traditional cigarettes a nasty and expensive habit, they are a habit that continues to get more expensive. Every single year, the government continues to impose more taxes on traditional cigarettes.


How Much Can You Save?

How much money you are going to save every year varies pretty greatly depending on how many cigarettes you’re used to smoking, what brand you smoke, where you live, and what kind of electronic cigarette you plan on switching to.

The Average Cost

Did you know that the average e-cigarette was designed to take the place of two packs of cigarettes? An individual pack of cigarette costs anywhere between $5 and $10, depending on the brand and the location of the purchase. Making sure you are saving money by switching to electronic cigarettes is really as simple as making sure that one electronic cigarette costs you less than two packs of your favorite brand of cigarettes.

There really is not a trick to finding a brand of electronic cigarettes that best suits you. Think about how you decided on your traditional cigarette brand of choice and go from there. There are also plenty of e-cigarette flavors to choose from, so even the pickiest of smokers can find something enjoyable!

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