Why Paying a Little Extra for E-Juice Is Often a Good Idea

One of the questions many newbies to the ecig movement have is: Are e cigarettes safe?

This can sometimes be a difficult question to answer because the truth is the US government has yet to enforce an industry-wide quality standard, which has left ejuice companies to police themselves. And like with any unregulated industry, there will be some ejuice manufacturers who hold themselves to a high standard and others who don’t. That is why it’s so important that you become an educated consumer. Do your research. Ask the ejuice company about their ingredients and find out where the juice is created (Is it made in the US or abroad? In a food grade facility or in someone’s kitchen?). Trust is important. And so is finding a safe, quality product. With that said, here are a few reasons why paying a little extra for your ejuice may be a wise idea.

1. Paying more means you pay for a safe product made in a clean facility

pink spot work area
One of Pink Spot’s production areas


At Pink Spot, we make all of our products in a food grade facility, maintaining the highest standards for quality and safety in a sanitary environment. While less reputable companies have been known to produce their juice out of their bathtubs or in their garages, paying a little extra for Pink Spot Vapors eJuice means purchasing from an established company, ensuring the safety of your product.  Although products like our eJuice are not currently regulated, we set the bar for product quality and customer service by following many of the same regulations set forth by the state health department.

2. The ingredients are better

e juice ingredienets

Not all juices are created equal! Some are made from safe, organic ingredients and quality nicotine while others may include unhealthy or potentially dangerous additives. If an ejuice company can’t or won’t tell you what ingredients they’ve included in their juices, don’t purchase from them.

The basic components of Pink Spot’s eJuice are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavorings. Both PG and VG are safely used in a number of everyday products from asthma inhalers to food and our U.S. made pharmaceutical grade nicotine meets the EU 6.0 standards and is 99.86% pure. While many less expensive juices use only PG, resulting in a harsh “throat hit,” Pink Spot Vapors combines PG and VG for a more enjoyable vape. Our flavorings are U.S. food grade and we do not use alcohol, vitamin supplements, artificial coloring, or any other additives. Find out more about Pink Spot eJuices here.

3. By purchasing from a reputable company, you’re ensuring that your product won’t be sold to a minor

ecig age limit

While e-cigarette products are not currently age restricted by law, Pink Spot Vapors has self-imposed an age limit on their products. Our integrity is everything and by buying from Pink Spot Vapors you can ensure you are not rewarding a company that markets to minors.

There are many instances in life where paying less may be best. It is our belief that ejuice isn’t one of them. Whether you choose to purchase from Pink Spot or not, we hope that you’ll take the time to do your research first and make a smart choice. If you want quality American-made e liquid you can trust, give us a call at  702-655-VAPE(8273).


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