Finish This Sentence: You Know You’re a Vaper When…

Whether you’ve been vaping for decades or have only recently made the switch, here are a few signs you’ve moved from casual vaper to vape enthusiast. Got any to add? Visit our Facebook page and join in on the discussion!

You know you’re a vaper when…

…You plan your vape gear purchases several paychecks in advance.

…You constantly get into arguments with people about why ecigarettes aren’t bad for you.

…You can’t go into another room in your house without stopping to grab your PV first. You may be only leaving the room for five minutes, but you bring it with you just in case.

…You’re talking about batteries or mods and people assume you’re talking about guns or your kid’s science experiment.

…Every holiday becomes an excuse to “treat yourself” to that new gourmet eliquid flavor or splurge and buy that Freudian Drip Tip.

…You catch yourself looking at random inanimate objects and wondering if you can make a mod out of them. Hmm…I wonder if I can turn this broken CD player into a mod?

diy ecigarette

…Someone is talking about how much something costs and you find yourself subconsciously calculating how much eliquid you could buy with that same amount of money.

…You never have anywhere to plug in your cell phone. All of your outlets are busy charging batteries.

…You’ve become immune to the weird looks people give you when they see you exhale vapor.

…You name your pet after your favorite eliquid flavor. Come’ere, Swagger! Good boy, Black Mamba!

 how to tell you're addicted to vaping

…People who don’t vape look at your desk, which is cluttered with insulated wires, pliers, lithium batteries and a handheld torch and  ask you if you’re building a bomb. They look at you funny when you tell them you’re just making an ecig.

…You have a love-hate relationship with your mailman. When your vape mail is late, he’s your worst enemy. But when it finally arrives, he’s your best friend.

…You read ejuice reviews just for fun.

ejuice reviews

…Your PV has a nickname (although you’ll never admit it).

…You can’t stop talking about vaping. And you tell everyone who will listen how awesome it is.

…You’d rather vape Gummi Bear ELiquid or Banana Nut Bread instead of eating the real thing. You’ve noticed you’re loosing weight because of it!

…You’ve mastered the art of vaping and typing at the same time. Seriously. It’s a skill.

…You’ve gotten into arguments in public when someone has asked you to not smoke near them and you’ve had to explain – in detail – that you’re not smoking, you’re vaping. “No. Seriously. It’s just water vapor.”

it's not smoke it's vapor

…All of your computer passwords are variations of your favorite eliquid company’s name.

…You’ve read this entire blog post and have found you can relate to most of the items on this list. 

…You have your own vaping blog and as soon as you’re done reading this, you decide to create your own “You know you’re a vaper when…” list and post it on your blog (crediting Pink Spot Vapors for the idea, of course!)


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