Options Baby – Part Three

  Options baby! I told you that I was shocked at how many options were available to vapers and today I’m going to touch base on that. As a smoker, I religiously walk to the counter and ask for my two packs of cigarettes, feel extra lucky if they had a 50-cent coupon emblazoned on… Read more »

My Why – Part Two

My why? I am so lucky that I work here at Pink Spot Vapors as I have already been able to try some different mods, and juice, and nicotine levels… I had no idea how many options you have as a vaper… but I will touch on that in my next post! I don’t know… Read more »

I am quitting smoking – Part One

I am going to quit smoking… I start this post and the first thing I want to say is that I know the risks of smoking. I know that every puff on the cigarette is damaging my body and I hate that smoking has such a hold on me! I am almost 43 and have… Read more »

Are You A Vaper For Life?

Keys, check. Wallet, check. Drank, check. Mod, check. Extra batteries, check. Bottle of ejuice, check. Heading out the door can seem like a tedious task when you have so much to bring with you! Take this quiz and check off as many items as you can. Let’s see if you are a Vaper for Life!… Read more »

Above-Ohm Vaping vs Sub-Ohm Vaping

Above-Ohm (1+) Vaping vs Sub-Ohm Vaping More and more people are starting to vape every day. With the flood of new types of devices on the market, and many of our old favorites no longer being produced, a lot of experienced vapers will be looking for new devices as well. When going to pick out… Read more »

Singles Awareness Day – How Good Are You At Being Single?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Will you be found in the pantry shoving a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates (that you bought yourself) in your mouth, sobbing or appreciating your independence? Take this quiz to find out!

Most Frequently Asked Vaping Questions Part 2

Why does my tank leak? While most of us have had our tanks leak on us from time to time we don’t always know why this has happened. It’s easy to think the tank is defective or broken. While once in a while this is the case, most often the leak is caused by an… Read more »