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RY8 is Pink Spot Vapors take on the popular RY4 flavor. The difference is the RY8 is simply twice as good!


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After trying many ry4s and really liking most of the pink spot juices I gave the ry8 a go expecting that "twice as good" flavour and it doesn't seem to do it for me. Perhaps I need to let it steep for a while. It tastes a bit soury dry or bitter and doesn't seem to have that caramel tobacco vibe to it. A bit on the perfume side too. It seems like more like a dark British ale juice than an RY juice. My favourite is still Honey cured from pink spot.
Ive been vaping for 6 months now, ive tried alot of the Fruit and Food flavors and I find myself sticking with RY8..I think its the best e-liquid on the market!! Thanks Pink Spot, ur the Best!!
dunno why some people are giving this a bad review, great throat hit, flavor is sweet then as it peaks out fades to a nice caramel vanilla ish tone .. all day vape definitely.
Not sure what some of these bad reviews are referring to!! In my opinion, the RY8 is an Awsome version of RY4 on steroids!! Smooth tobacco and nutty buttery caramel, so wonderful, can cape all Fay!
The only thing similar is the color. Local shop was out of RY4, recommended RY8. Worst I've tasted, flavor is sweet tobacco, butter and plastic.
Looking at other reviews, many people like this so maybe it's just my personal taste.
I really love this one it sweet but not to sweet. To be honest "to me" this one reminds me of the Jellybelly jellybean flavor of Butterpopcorn... YUMMMMMMMM
I'm the luckiest Vaper. I live 3 miles from Pink Spot, and happen to like their tobacco flavors above anything else I've tried. RY8 is a superb, rich, satisfying blend. Try it at 24mg.
I like this better than swagger, I think that if you are looking to switch this is IT. it has just enough tobacco to satisfy you, but a good amount of sweet yumminess to make you not want to touch another gross ciggy.
This is a VERY VERY sweet juice. It doesn't go with what *I* think a RY4 should taste like. However this is an excellent after dinner vape. Sweet and satisfying. A nice taste no aftertaste or any other things going on. A good juice just too sweet for me.
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