Staff Picks: Pink Spot Vapor Employees Reveal Their Favorite ELiquid Flavors

With over 100 e-liquid flavors at Pink Spot Vapors, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to picking out the next flavor. Fret no more! The staff has revealed their go-to e-juice and why it’s their favorite to vape.


Patrick – Black Mamba

The delicious blend of fruits reminds me of the fruity drinks I used to have as a kid. Plus, the deadly black mamba snake is a great name for its killer flavor!



Taylor (Burps) – Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade E-Liquid
I love it because to me it tastes just like the red colored PEZ!



Cheryl – Frozen Lime Drop

The cooling menthol is a perfect amount with the hint of lime! Smells delicious and is the perfect summertime vape!



Joe R. – Frozen Lime Drop

Good Clean hit all day. Just missing the beach!


Irene – Banana Nut Bread

I love that it tastes just like a warm fresh piece of real banana nut bread!



Taylor (Little Bit) – Pina Colada

The perfect tropical flavor for me to vape! This is what I craved every winter in Alaska when I was thinking of warmer weather!



Matt (Micro) – Happy Ending

Because it’s not the same without it!



Corbin – Happy Ending

Because it just is, all day every day!


Joey (Rue) – P.S. I LUV U

P.S. I Luv U E-Liquid Refill
Because you’re the only one for me!



Vinnie – Cola

I love it because it tastes just like the carbonated Slurpee from 7-11… without the brain freeze!



Matt (Rizzo) – Crème De Menthe

Creme De Menthe E-Liquid Refill
That Dusty bottle in your dads liquor cabinet would be empty if it tasted like this fresh bright green mint flavor.



Tishia – Surf Rider

It tastes like I’m back in Hawaii chillin on the beach!



Brittney – Surf Rider

Best all day vape! Smooth, delicious, calming and amazing!


Sandi – Pear O Melons

Pear O Melons E-Liquid Refill
I like that it is a light flavor but still satisfies my fruit craving.



Claude – Swagger

I love that I never get tired of the flavor. It’s also very fun to watch people guess what flavors are used to create it!



Penn – Swagger

My favorite creation that I can’t seem to put down! So much flavor packed into each puff!

Matt A. – Swagger

Enough said!

Michael (Frog) – Swagger

Swagger is my favorite because it is sweet but powerful at the same time. Just like me 😉

Brandon – Swagger

This rich tobacco flavor tastes eerily similar to freedom and success. Goes wonderfully with coffee in the morning. Can’t go to work without it!

Steven – Watermelon Wave

I love Jolly Ranchers and this reminds me of the watermelon flavor Jolly Rancher!



Trevor – Banana Crème

Banana Creme E-Liquid Refill
The after taste is my favorite part of this flavor! It tastes just like banana flavor Laffy Taffy.



Isaac – Riptide

Refreshing hit of menthol with a nice fruity taste. Got me off analogs!



Tyler – Perfect Buns

Perfect Buns
Best substitute for Swagger for the ZERO mg people! Solid flavor that never gets old.



Amber – Strawburst

I can eat Starbursts all day so this is my zero calorie way to get my fix! Love it!



Ben – Fuzzy Navel

Fuzzy Navel E-Liquid
Great tangerine flavor, no peeling required!!



If you have any questions about our e-liquid or would like to order a sample pack, please contact Pink Spot Vapors at 702-655-8273. Vape the right way. Vape with us!



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Written by Pink Spot Vapors

Pink Spot Vapors

We created PSV in 2009 after being disappointed constantly with the quality of liquid and customer service in this industry. Our mission is to create the best quality and most unique eJuice flavors in the world. We only use Pharma grade nicotine, U.S. food grade 100% kosher PG/VG and food grade flavorings.

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