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Flavor Fluctuations | Why does my e-juice taste weird?

Why does my eJuice taste weird? | Pink Spot Vapors

We’ve talked about it before: Vaping is a pretty complex science. There are so many factors that go into the taste of eJuice or e-liquid. From the variety of flavor combinations, storage techniques, vaping equipment, to age, and even PG/VG ratio. The taste of your vape depends on a lot of variables. Sometimes you’ll try a flavor and hate it, but go back to it a few weeks later and it’s the best tasting one yet. But why?

Your tastes in eJuice may not only be known to change, but you may also be able to manipulate them; whether you meant to or not. If you find yourself thinking something is up with your eJuice, here are some clues as to what might be going on with you, your eJuice, your device, or your whole vaping experience:


Proper eJuice Storage

Did you check out our blog post about steeping your eJuice? Maybe you did it on accident, or maybe you are trying to get the best eJuice flavor. Either way, steeping is a way to age and develop the taste. Typically, steeping is a positive thing.

Maybe your steeping went incredibly wrong or you simply made a storage error. Be sure you are storing your e-liquids out of the sunlight and in a cool environment. This does not mean your refrigerator. If you’re spending a day at the beach or pool, take along a smaller sized bottle so you don’t subject your whole collection of eJuice to sunlight and heat. These are both things that can spoil your vape.

Smoking Cigarettes

You may have heard before, that smoking cigarettes will ruin your taste buds. If you have recently quit, or have gone back to cigarettes after vaping, you’ll notice some variation in taste. Not only with vaping, but in all things involving taste i.e. eating and drinking. After quitting, most ex-smokers rejoice because flavors are vibrant and lively for the first time in a long time.



Dirty Atomizers

Tasting a little burned? A bitter taste can often result from a buildup in the coil of your e-cigarette. If your atomizer gets a dirty buildup, as it often will, the coil will begin to burn that buildup and it will drastically affect the taste of your eJuice.


If you are used to your current nicotine level, nicotine should have little to no effect on the flavor of your eJuice. However, if you have recently bumped back up a level or two, it may take a few days or more to readjust to the bite or burn associated with that nicotine level. Think of this as the reverse of when you were smoking analogs. If you went from smoking something full flavor to a light; it would take a couple days for your mouth to get with the program and give you that taste you were looking for. Yuk! Remember that?


Whether it’s from the humectants* that naturally occur in eJuice or you are sick, a dry mouth is going to change the way your brain processes flavors. In addition, any sinus congestion will reduce your ability to taste as vibrantly as you might when you are healthy. Be sure to drink lots of liquids while vaping, stay hydrated, and get better soon!


*Humectants are the glycol based elements in eJuice that help prevent bacterial and fungal growth, and give your eJuice a shelf life of more than a couple days. They also absorb moisture from your mouth and throat that is used to produce a portion of the visible cloud expelled while vaping. It’s fun to learn…