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Got a New Mod – What to do With Your Old One

new mod_edited-1You got a new mod! What a great feeling. You quickly yank the batteries out of your old mod and start vaping on your new beauty, forgetting about your other mod. Don’t just throw the old guy in a drawer to collect dust. Here’s what you should do when you replace your old equipment with new.

Mods and Batteries

If it isn’t broken. You can put it up on a site where one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. is a great site with great people who buy, sell and trade all kinds of vaping gear. Selling it will throw a couple of bucks in your pocket which is never a bad thing. Another great option is to give it to a friend. We all started somewhere and I am sure you have a friend or coworker that would love to try vaping. Everyone remembers their first vape and you get to be a part of it. Also back up mods are not a terrible thing. You can use it while working in the yard or going to the beach keeping your new baby safe and sound. If you decide to keep it in a drawer remember to remove the batteries if possible. If it has a static battery, throw a charge on it and Ziplock that bad boy up. Remember static battery mods will need to be recharged every couple of months. Tip: You do not want it to drain to zero, as it might not take a charge in the future.

If it is broken: You want to discard it. But don’t just throw your mod/batteries in the trash to be taken to a landfill. Take it to a store that recycles them. Your local vape shop or Best Buy is a popular option for this. They have a cardboard box to drop old 9 volts, cell batteries and static battery mods. It’s just better for the environment.


If it isn’t broken: You know what to do (see above). If you do decide to store and save your old tank, remove the coil/cotton and clean it up. It will be much easier to clean now before your juice dries up.

If it is broken: Rinse the tank to remove any extra juice and sadly trash it. Don’t forget to save that drip tip. A backup drip tip is important to have lying around.


Found a flavor you don’t care for or sadly dripped that last drop, please empty your juice out in the sink with running water and rinse out that bottle before recycling. You don’t want any of your furry friends to get a hold of that juice. It really isn’t good for them and can be deadly. Check out this blog about ejuice safety

Congratulation on your new piece of vape gear and remember fondly the old one that got you to this point! Click here to see hardware available online. Happy Vaping!

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