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Gourmet Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid

Sometimes you just don’t mess with a classic. Gourmet Tobacco flavored e-Liquid is one of those instances. Our all American gourmet eJuice is made right here in Las Vegas. It’s got all the tobacco flavor that you love.

Pink Spot Vapors uses a blend of 60VG 40PG to ensure that you get a perfectly smooth vape every time.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Simply put: this tobacco juice is perfect. Since I discovered it a year or so ago, I haven't even thought of a different flavor, or brand. I've worked my way down to the 6mg juice in a big Provari with a low-ohm carto, and it satiates my need for nicotine flawlessly and consistently. But beyond that, dealing with Pink Spot is a pleasure. Always with the personal notes on the invoice, and extra little empty bottle for overnight trips, and amazingly fast delivery. I'm glad to see their business expanding and I hope they take over the whole juice market. I'm sure all their other exotic flavors are great, but I will never need anything more than this basic "sweet cigar" tobacco juice. I'm a very happy customer. Thank you Sandi and Penn!
BY FAR the best tobacco flavor from anything I've tried from anywhere else. It helped me to stop smoking and I keep reordering the big bottle. I've tried some other flavors which are good but this is STOCK. I would try this first if you are new to the vaping world. No one matches the quality and flavors of Pink Spot Vapors.
I love this stuff. Perfectly rough, I will be ordering big bottles of this stuff. It mixes great with peach pit tobacco.
Tastes like tobacco after curing but before factory processing. I should know....I grew the stuff for ten years. I love it.
This has become my favorite liquid. Because I use a 1000 ma battery and a dual coil cartomizer, this juice is perfect. The other flavors are good in traditional e-cigarettes but too strong in the one I use. This Tabacco juice is a little weak in a traditional e-cig. So when I use it in my bigger vaporizer it's perfect. Great tabacco taste I like and just the right throat hit with not being too strong. If you use this liquid in a traditional e-cigarette, it may be a little too weak with almost no throat hit. I use 12 mg strength.
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California Proposition 65: Pink Spot Vapors sells eJuice that may contain nicotine or other chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer, Birth Defects, or other harmful reproductive harm. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Click Here for More Information

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