Pink Spot Flavor

We're working on developing a 6ml bottle with a child resistant cap. Until then, we are no longer offering the 6ml size option.

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Pink Spot E-Liquid

SO good we named our whole company after it. Pink Spot e-Liquid is a tempting fusion of raspberry, pineapple, and lime – sure to hit the spot. Amazing as an all-day-vape!

We mix Pink Spot e-Liquid with a 60VG/40PG ratio but as always, we can meet any custom requests with any of our signature e-Juice flavors. Just drop us a note at checkout. Happy Vaping!

I got this as a sample on my first order this summer. I loved it, so why did'nt I order more? I don't know (So many great flavors from PS). But Now I ordered a 30ml, and I'm glad I did.
WOW! I am a menthol smoker a i got a free sample of this and i added some menthol drops to its amazing! I see that they have n on rocks option! I am loving this company. Yes its a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. There flavors are always stronger then there competitors.
So excited I found you guys. So far I can recommend Blue Raspberry cotton candy, Pink spot and banana nut bread. Can't wait to try more. Keep up the great work!
I tried this is a 6ml sample bottle and was blown away. I reckon it tastes a lot like the lolly "lifesavers". I loved it that much, I recently purchased a 120ml bottle. Lovin' the PSV in Aus..
This is my every day vape. After several years, and trying juices from many other vendors, including mixing my own extensively, I can confidently say this is my favorite flavor and I DO NOT vape anything else. Seriously, just pink spot for the last 2 years. I don't get tired of it, and when I do try something else it always ends up in the trash. Taste is subjective, but to me this, hands down, is the best juice on the market. The original pink spot is where it's at. I get 120ml at a time. No extra flavor, no on the rocks, just straight up at 18mg. The other flavors are good as well, frozen lime drop is a close second to me, but nothing beats the pink spot. If I could only have one juice. This is it. Five stars? Nope. 6 stars. In fact, this stuff goes to 11 ;)
I received this in the 6 pack sample. Tastes just like the Smarties Candy. I will definitely order again. Very smooth and enjoyable.
Potpourri bubblegum. Good.
Very nice flavor. An everyday vape that the flavor keeps going strong. I would recommend this flavor, try it out.
This is such a complex flavor. Its flavor can vary throughout the day, but there's never any negative taste. It can taste like a really good bubblegum flavor, like a cherry-limeade(somehow it doesn't have that flat taste, like it's carbonated), cotton candy, and some others I can't put into words. It's one of my favorite vape's from any vendor.
I've only been vaping for about a month.. I received a sample of this flavor with my first online order. I wasn't sure about it at first but as I kept vaping it definitely grew on me. I found it to taste like cherry 7up even to include the feeling of the carbonation of soda on the throat. It was so tastey I picked up another bottle from the store.
My all day everyday juice!
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