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Cocktail Drink E-Liquid: Peach Green Tea

Peach Green Tea – just like mama used to make in the summer time. This Peach Green Tea e-Liquid is a smooth, subtle, perfectly blended burst of flavor that is good for the mind, body, and the soul!

Using a 60VG 40PG blend, Peach Green Tea is a smooth vape every time. Pink Spot Vapors creates our entire cocktail & drink inspired e-Liquid in the USA using state of the art equipment and food grade ingredients.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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18 reviews for Peach Green Tea Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Alejandro Ros

    I’d say Pink Spot is out there with the best. It seems they don’t just offer frivolous flavors like some shops online that boast hundreds of flavours, most of which don’t seem to have been thought out properly. I bought a 12ml bottle of Peach Green Tea at 24mg. and love it. Tastes like the real Mcoy.

  2. Kristen

    I ordered a sample pack with this flavor. If you like sweet tea or peach iced tea, you will love this flavor. The peach flavor is dominant, but the tea adds a nice subtle refreshing quality that keeps you coming back for more. This is my favorite flavor thus far.

  3. Sarah

    I got this as a sample. The peach and the green tea are well balanced, but a bit weak especially right before a refill.

  4. Sandy

    This has become my new favorite flavor!

  5. Andrew

    I give this 4 instead of 5 because it’s not something I want to vape all day long but it’s definitely a very nice, unique flavor to enjoy every so often.

  6. Kapiolani Bogedain

    I have tried many tea ejuices and this is one of my favorite tea flavors.. Sweet and very peachy.. for all you peach lovers, this is a must try!

  7. Anonymous

    My favorite vape. Strong and delicious peach up front, with underlying subtle floral and green tea tones. By far the best peach vape available.

  8. Simone

    This is one of my every day vapes. Very sweet and a nice tangy kick. I got my friend hooked on it too! 🙂

  9. King

    Love this flavor! I randomly chose this when I bought my starter pack. Feels like I won the raffle. Compared to my friends’ juices, the vapor is considerably thicker. Most remarks from everyone who tried it!

  10. Stacey Maldonado

    I love this its one of my favorites thank you Sandi & Penn for the awesome liquids, free samples and the hand written letter… ALOHA from Hawaii

  11. [email protected]

    LOVE this one! Ordered it because I love to drink tea and thought I might like to vape it. It’s amazing and my boyfriend agrees this is our new all day vape. It’s not to sweet which I like since my other all day vape is usually a green apple or pear flavor which is a tad sweet.
    Other reviews on this said the peach is more prominent but I disagree. It has sweet peachy tones but I taste more of a milky green tea- which sounds weird but tastes amazing.
    Very smooth.

  12. jross8961

    Absolutely LOVE this liquid! I’ve been using mainly pink spot on the rocks and sampling other flavors in hopes that I’d find my all day vape and I’ve found it with this! Yummy tea and peach flavor! Husband doesnt care for it because he says it tastes like an artificial peach flavor but I think the peach tastes the same as a good peach iced tea. MAKE SURE YOU SHAKE IT! I added some to my tank (bottom coil) without shaking first and it wasn’t very pleasant. Dumped it back in the bottle and shook it up and it made a world of difference.

  13. Zelphoe Maloney

    Simply Love this flavor. I can use it as an all day vape. It has a great peach taste with green tea undertones. It feels like I just made some tea and am now relaxing on the porch.

  14. Chris

    My first 120 ML purchase, after trying the sample I had to have more. Probably the best flavor on this site with a close second being Fuzzy Navel, both of which I get OTR.

  15. John

    one of the best flavors from PSV. not to over powering and for sure an all day vape. You get the peach flavor upfront then a little green tea at the end. Love it!!

  16. Kristi

    Pleasant flavor but fades VERY quickly.

  17. Stephen Turner (verified owner)

    Best flavor I have ever tasted!!!

  18. Stephanie (verified owner)

    All I can say is “Wow”!!! I was researching “2017 best flavors” and ended up finding this one. I figured I’d give it a try. The very instant the flavor hit my tongue I was ordering another bottle. This is my new favorite juice. Vaping Peach Green tea is almost as good as sipping the drink on a hot summer day. Phenomenal juice and absolutely fantastic customer service. My juice arrived two days early and had a personal note attached. They were very prompt with the emails telling me to verify my age, and they replied back quickly after I sent that and about an hour later I got an email that my order had sent with a tracking number. Keep up the great work Penn and Sandi. You are so wonderful. Thank you so much!

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