Pink Spot Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

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Pink Spot E-Liquid

Pink Spot e-Liquid is a tempting fusion of raspberry, pineapple, and citrus – sure to hit the spot. Not only one of our elite signature flavors, but the name we stand by to represent our company. Amazing as an all-day-vape!

We mix our gourmet Pink Spot e-Liquid with a 60VG/40PG ratio.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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130 reviews for Pink Spot Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. The Ricker

    just finished of my second sampel bottel, in one day! what a refreshing vape this was! i think Grimm Green described it best when he said it tastes like a cherry lime-aid slushy from sonic. awesome flavor and vapor productoin, another winner!- The Ricker

  2. jesse

    This is A MUST the pinkspot is EPICNESS!

  3. krystil guidroz

    just like blu spot…at 1st didn’t like but Sandi & Penn must have told Chuck Norris 2 do his roundhouse kick on me again…lmao

  4. Joshua Hart

    don’t ever go out of business, I beg you, this is my favorite. Perfect blend of flavor and vapor clouds galore. Favorite flavor ever.

  5. jason watson

    this is my go to vape, cant ever go wrong with the pink spot!

  6. Hannah Schweitzer

    There is no way to describe it, it’s just amazing.

  7. matt jones

    This juice is Fantastic I am ordering more as we speak! Thank you!!

  8. John B

    This is my 4th flavor from my sample pack and I REALLY like this one. Makes me feel like I’m on vacation on an island somewhere soaking up the sun and sipping on a mixed drink. Really, really good. I would order this again in a second!

  9. Jay Hicks

    Tastes EXACTLY like a blue raspberry slushie.

  10. Jeremy Daley

    I bought this from the recommendation of GrimmGreen. I like it and would compare it to a pink jelly bean. I only give it 4 stars because it seems too overbearing to vape consecutively. It could be a perfect occasional compliment to a particular drink of choice however.

  11. Nick

    I got a sample of this as a free gift with my last order and i am so glad they gave it to me. My favorite juice so far

  12. Angela

    I just adore this juice! It’s soft but satisfying and perfectly sweet, like inhaling a blue raspberry slushie. Truly a favorite and absolutely worth trying.

  13. Dru

    Good stuff but I ordered it on the 20th and they just shipped it an hour ago…the 25th. Not worth the wait when you pay the premium price for this stuff. Not going to purchase from here again.

  14. Robert Younger

    This is possibly my second or third favorite flavor here thus far. Blue spot currently holds the top, but as I vape this flavor more, the flavor is growing on me and is moving up the ladder. Smooth and tasty, I can see why this is this sites signature flavor. No harsh burn with a good throaty after-finish, you will not be sad to order this. Using a 3.7v bat and a 2.0ohm cart and it is perfect.

  15. Jayson

    Just got my orders today. It took 7 days to arrived, can’t even believed that. Coz PSV was the last order I made this month, and my other vaping related orders still on their ways. Btw, I’m from asia. Been vaping this since I got it this afternoon, none stop. It’s addicting, the flavour is spot on and smooth. Vapor is incredible. For now this is my fav. But until I vape the rest of the flavours I ordered, will rank them up. 😀 Will order my juice here from now onwards, love the fast shipping.

  16. Michele

    I got this as a free sample and I love it. Such a great blend of flavors. I will be ordering this in the biggest size possible next time.

  17. Sandy

    This is my favorite out of all the flavors I ordered from here! It reminds me of bubble gum. I also can’t quite figure out what else it tastes like. This is a very unique flavor. I love this one next to “Black Mamba”. I got this as a free sample in my order. This flavor (Pink spot) does circles around the other flavors I got. lol. If that makes sense. I vape Pink Spot more then the other flavors. Anyway, gonna order this one again. Thanks for the free sample! I love it!

  18. Derek Tolley

    The juice and the company, I love them both. The juice is my go to and I absolutely love it. Way back when I started vaping I never would have thought that I would make a fruity eliquid my mainstay but after the first carto of this, I was sold. I just wish I could buy it in a bigger bottle.

  19. Matthew Lowery

    Wow, great stuff. Nice flavor that dances in your mouth, will order larger bottle this time.

  20. Christopher Shefler

    Sweet-tart fruity candyish flavor, prodigious vapor production, and lots of throat hit. I’m glad that Pink Spot’s signature flavor is so good!

  21. Rob

    The flavor of “Pink Spot E-Liguid” is just absolutely amazing. I recommend this anyone

  22. Steven M.

    I received this flavor as a sample and it will be ordered next time!! Reminded me a lot like the Lemberry cooler but slightly different.

  23. Ron

    Received this as a sample and while I really love the other choices I purchased, I intend to get a larger bottle of this soon! At times it reminds me of a sweet tart candy but not overpowering. Could easily be a “go to” daily flavor.

  24. Jamie

    Love this juice!!! Tastes like ruby red grapefruit to me, and I love rrg. Had to order more in 0mg so I don’t OD on nic!

  25. Anonymous

    Delicious! Incredibly subtle and refreshing. I too feel like there’s pink grapefruit in there, lime and a hint of… rose? Anyway, I never thought I’d like a fruity flavor, but I could vape this all day!

  26. Hamdit

    A great one this is! after the honey cured tobacco that i loved i tried this one. Now i know for sure im getting my juice from Pink Spot. one word “WOW”.

  27. Jerry Holland

    Got it as a freebie. I ordered a sample pack of tobacco flavors. I didn’t like them but the pink spot was GREAT. I’m back for more now and trying other flavors. I think I’m just wanting to quit tobacco flavors altogether. Thanks!

  28. Edmund Wong

    Hands down, Pink Spot Liquid is one of the best fruit E-Liqiuds I have ever tasted.

  29. Cesar

    I vape Pink Spot all the time. Infact, it’s one of my favorites. You can’t beat the taste, especially on the rocks. Definitely an eliquid EVERYONE should try.

  30. Josh Sense

    I have tried many other vendors and flavors but nothing satisfies me like the pink spot. The blue spot is amazing as well.

  31. cheyenne

    I bought the pink spot ejuice hoping for something with more flavor than a few other vendors I have tried.

  32. Sean Mahoney

    I didn’t think this was gonna be that good, it’s like a cherry lime flavor. It almost taste like cherry 7up, even down to the carbonation, and surprisingly it has a decent throat hit at 12mg.

  33. Jeff Morales

    Wow! i was first hesitant to purchase my e-juice due to the shipping cost but when they gave me a free sampler of Pink Spot i realized it was all worth the price literally! It’s the best i have tasted so far of all e-juices i have used and it’s something i haven’t tasted before…

  34. C Kase

    THis juice was amazing I am so impressed with this pink spot juice It came to me as a sample and I cant tell you how great this juice is…. ORDER IT NOW Hmm I wonder if I could mainline this juice….

  35. TigerLadyTX

    I recently placed my first order with Pink Spot and received the package a few days ago. Included with my order, was a little sample bottle of ‘Pink Spot’ juice. I tested the juice in a Stardust on a KGO battery and I must say, this juice is EXCELLENT. It has a nice clean fruit taste that is not too sweet, nor is it too tart. It is just a perfect blend of sweet-tart that could easily become my all day vape. I can certainly see myself ordering a BIG bottle of this in the near future 🙂

  36. Ashley Silverthorne

    LOVEEEEEEEE this juice. I bought it because I saw it recommended over and over again on ECF, and they were all right. Delicious! This has quickly turned into my every day vape. Pink Spot really does hit the spot!

  37. Tony

    It’s like “kissing” an angel but not “kissing.” You know?

  38. billy

    This reminds me of cool-aid punch. Awesome taste and suprising throat hit for a fruit flavor. Perfect combination! I love this to death with a little menthol.

  39. Anonymous

    This was sent as the free sample with my order. I didn’t figure I’d like it based on the other reviews I had seen. (I’m not too fond of overly sweet flavors and was of the impression this would be.)

  40. Michael

    This was sent as a free gift with my purchase. Just got around to trying it and like it very much. It is well blended and I don’t really taste the individual flavors but together they make one kick-ass vap!

  41. Tony Snider

    At first I really didnt care for this one as most any juice with a pineapple flavoring tastes just like furniture polish to me. But the more I vaped on it I found myself liking it quite a bit. It’s a refreshing vape mos def.

  42. Oscar Bazan Jr.

    Refreshing. Simply an amazing vape!

  43. Theresa Doster

    Got this as a free sample with my first order and HAD to add a bottle to my second one! Totally refreshing and such voluminous vapor! SO glad I decided to order from you guys (was SO disappointed with SO many other vendors juices, I’d almost given up on finding some I really liked)!! Thanks!… I thought I’d save money by quitting analog, now I’m going broke trying all your flavors… but they’re SO addicting!

  44. Mary Boley-Finley

    It’s a psv signature, what more needs to be said. (It rocks)

  45. Jake

    Enough said. To me it tastes like a handfull of nerds. I love it. Favorite “spot” so far

  46. Jason Miller

    This juice is seriously outstanding! It’s light, refreshing and wonderful. I was on the brink of returning to analogs since I couldn’t find a juice that kept my interest. Then, I found Pink Spot and their flavorful juices. Don’t give up the fight and give Pink Spot a try, you won’t be disappointed and it just might change your life!

  47. Meg

    I love this vape. This is the first e-liquid I ordered (alon with tropical punch) as I am new to the vaping world and my experiences with e-cigs prior to ordering from Pink Spot was slim, with pre-filled ‘tobacco’ flavored cartridges. I love the punchy flavor of Pink Spot. the flavor of this liquid is great- it tastes like sweet tart candies, almost to a T. Reminds me of my childhood as I love those candies!! Fruity, not too sweet, and I agree that it is refreshing!!

  48. Chris

    Best juice hands down! I have yet to have a juice I don’t like from Pink Spot and this one tops them all. Flavor is outstanding and the vapor is perfect. I have NEVER been able to say I’ve had a refreshing vape until now. Absolutely perfect.

  49. Jacob

    Outsatnding juice and my new daily vape! 5/5!!! You have to open shop in EU!!! 🙂

  50. Rockstar Rob

    If you tried pretty much any other company than this one and one I will leave nameless,they all have a nasty aftertaste,no matter what pg/vg combo you use. This companys flavors is so amazing and unique. This was the first ejuice that I tasted that made me quit analogs. Havent smoked since. This flavor hits the spot for an all day vape!

  51. Lindsey Melton

    This to me tastes like a Sonic raspberry limeade… DELICIOUS!

  52. Anonymous

    So I order the Sampler 6pack, they were good but I received “Pink Spot” as a free gift. All’s I have to say is the Raspberry is very strong, I can’t taste the Pineapple or Lime. It’s more like a STRONG Raspberry Menthol. It made me sick.

  53. brian kornely

    i keep ordering this juice its one of favorites, its always exactly the same…super yummy fresh clean fantastic flavor..

  54. leora malik


  55. Chris

    This one just took over Ecto as my new favorite. I live around the corner from JV but I’ll be getting my juice here from now on. Tastes exactly like pink lemonade to me. Its the flavor I associate with just as you’re finishing a sip of pink lemonade and you get that slightly dry / sour taste. Hard to explain. Try it!

  56. Dave Hetzer

    I received this as a sample with my Cloves order. I never like fruit flavors so I wasn’t even going to try it…but … I also had received another apple flavor and tried it. I was amazed it wasn’t sicken sweet. My curiosity got the better of me so I vaped some Pink Spot. hmmm you know for the first time I actually enjoyed a fruit vape. The flavors are not like candy .. just a nice smooth flavor. It’s a great break from my all day vape. These guys make the best vapes I have ever tried.

  57. Michelle

    I ordered 3 bottles- Pink Spot, Hubba Bubba Grape & Bing Cherry….Pink Spot was by far my favorite. I also received a free sample of the G-Spot & fell in love. I also want to say that on the invoice that came with my order was a had written note welcoming me to the Vaping community. Thanks so much guys

  58. Pete

    This flavor was my free sample in my first order from PSV that I received about twelve hours ago and it was all gone within just a few hours. I love it and it took me until just now to figure out what flavor it is that this reminds me of most and its’s a pink OtterPop (or Freeze Pop or whatever you’d like to call it, the plastic tubes full of flavored sugar water that you freeze and are like popsicles without a stick) it’s super sweet and just plain amazing, I ordered more within hours of receiving it.

  59. Stevan Parojcic

    Taste is subjective… but to me this is yummy sweet tarts! Very good juice. Excellent quality again. Absolutely no complaints I am blown away by You guys!

  60. Genova

    At first I was not so keen on this juice. Whatever method I tried in my atomizer just wasn’t working but…I switched over to a LR atomizer and bam…awesome, awesome, awesome. I waited to post a review just for this reason. I wanted to find that sweet spot for my Pink Spot. Heh heh. I’m rocking a Silver Bullet and a simple LR atomizer swap made all the difference. I will definitely be buying this juice again.

  61. J.Reis

    I smoked 2 packs a day of menthol started vaping to get off that junk, then thought I would only vape menthol but man has Pinkspotvapor made a believer outta me. I love this flavor now especially “on the rocks” wowza this is bliss. Awesome people at pinkspotvapor hand written thank you really well done. Great juice Better people. Thank you keep vaping!!!

  62. Vicki Guetschow

    Some of the reviews said pinklemonade? Sweet tarts? Ok I tasted something like sherbet. Got this as a free sample. Wasnt sure about it when I first opened the bottle but OMG that was great! And the hand written note on my 1st invoice was sweet! Going to order a bottle for sure.

  63. Anonymous

    I just recently quit smoking, I went cold turkey for about three weeks and was fine, but felt really agitated, after my brother introduced me to the e-cig I was like “Well this can work”. My brother also introduced me to pink spot. The customer service is absolutely amazing! There were some issues with the mailing address and they called right up, left a message and dealt with it in a timely manner! I received my liquid within a couple days and am in love with it! Plus the free sample is a plus too! 😉 I am very satisfied with Pink Spot and would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is trying to quit and needs that pick me up for their taste buds! =] You guys rock!

  64. Sid

    This is a great juice, yeah fruity, lemony kinda flavor, I had it as a free sample, great customer service, nice personalized note, I will surely come back thanks!

  65. Nemisis

    I normally don’t write reviews for e-liquids. I try so many flavors from so many vendors. Most of the time they are nothing to write about. But this liquid from Pink Spot is incredible. You can actually taste every flavor that is in this mix and “on the rocks” its even better. The vapor production is off the scales. Their customer service is amazing. I am so pleased with Pink Spot from top to bottom. This is a true Grade A product and I can’t wait to try all of their flavors. Do yourself a favor and try it. It will have even the most brand loyal customers jumping ship to the Pink side.

  66. Anonymous

    This is a two part review. The first, it is a really great and tasty juice. I’ve tried it on various carto’s and atomizers at various ohms and it just vapes really great. This is a “top 5” juice if there was such a list. It is a bit tart, but that is what I like about this juice.

  67. Ester

    This is the best ejuice EVER, I have the HUGE bottle so I dont run out 30mls goes fast for me =) Its a great TH with a nice pink lemonade sprite kindda thing going on. I get mines on the rocks but like it either way.

  68. Greg Farlow

    This was a great surprise I orded another flavor and they gave me this as a free sample and I love it this if my favorite e juice ever so nice thank you..

  69. David Rauch

    Tastes like bubblegum

  70. Rene

    I got this one as a free sample. I like it but I don’t care for lemon in my drinks so this one if you like lemonaide is for you.

  71. Matt


  72. Piper

    I am not a fan. I cant explain what this flavor is but I do not like it. Bleh! Buy On The Rocks Black Mamba…you’ll love it!

  73. Kim Hoganson

    I thought this fruity flavor was great!!!!

  74. Victoria

    Sweet with the perfect tiny bit of sour. I can very easily vape this all day long!

  75. Bryan Denson

    Taste like a very tart Raspberry lemonade. Its not bad, just not something I would rather vape again. I prefer Limedrop.I got mine on the rocks

  76. jessica C

    This is by far my FAV juice on the market. This really just has a special something to it. I could vape this all day, everyday! I have tried MANY “popular” juices from other vendors and they never seem to have that WOW factor. There is a reason this is their sig juice. Try this juice and most def won’t be disappointed. You rock PINKSPOT! 🙂

  77. Avon Jon

    Tried a friend of mines, and loved it. Went online to order and saw the high price, won’t buy from here. They charge more for 6ml than everyone else charges for 10ml. No thanks!

  78. Bryan C.

    I’d say lime when exhaling, then a definite pineapple aftertaste. Not getting much raspberry from it.

  79. Stacy

    I have gotten this as a sample a few times and its decent but not my taste preference. It’s sweet and leaves a decent berry aftertaste.

  80. aaron from fl

    Reminds me of taking a whole bunch of gummy bears and putting it in my mouth at once. I got this as a sample Im not much into fruity flavors but I love this one. This is an all day vape for me.

  81. Anonymous

    I discovered after ordering online that I’m not a huge fan of pineapple vape. The pineapple comes through strongly in this juice, for me. I DIY’d “on the rocks” with some menthol I had on hand, and the menthol definitely mellows out the pineapple. If I order more, I’ll get the on the rocks version for sure.

  82. jimmie dunn

    It took a few days for me to put my finger on this one but to me it tastes like the cherry 7up that was sold a few years ago. Kinda like a cherry ginger ale even has a fizz sensation to it. Definately good but for me cherry isnt my thing

  83. Adam M

    This flavour got me back into vaping! Went to the shop front and got 1lt of it and got a sample of this flavour with menthol…WOW!

  84. David W Morris

    this juice is simply one of the best out there. It has an enormous amount of flavor that is bursting with fruity goodness. At 18mg, it provides a solid throat hit but not over powering. If you like citrus flavors, then this juice is must for your collection, and unlike other “premium” juices that are advertised elsewhere, this one really is worth it. Definitely an all day vape for me.

  85. Jay

    I wish I would have ordered my sample size of this on the rocks. You can totally taste how this flavor could use it, needs the cool menthol bite to go with the blend of fruity flavor.

  86. Patrick

    When ordering my first batch of juices from Pink Spot, I intentionally did not order this juice. The description just didn’t appeal to me at all. Still, someone decided to throw a tiny sample bottle in with my order anyway.

  87. 808vaper

    lovin it lovin it. gotta go get me a bigger bottle before this ones gone…! very fruity but not time i might try it on the rocks. kinda like the gummy bear flavor they carry. each pull makes you wanting more………just press add to cart all ready.

  88. Scott

    Small sample bottle was give to me with my order and turned out to be one of the best flavors I had gotten, cant wait to get the other Spot flavors.

  89. Aries Elmer Villasis

    It got into me i haven’t stopped vaping this today, i hope i don’t get a headache! haha definitely would order more!

  90. T.O.

    I received this as a sample on my 1st order. Be sure and shake that bottle. Just finished the sample and am craving more! A hint of sweet with the flavor of a mixed juice drink. Amazing flavors! I kept vaping, trying to identify the different hints of flavor – and then it was gone! lol Will be ordering… YUM!

  91. Mark N.

    I received this juice as a sample. I have ordered it twice since that time. It’s really very good. I cannot wait to receive my order. I’m outta juice! Pink Spot was very smart to include this juice as a free sample, I ordered more of it the day I tried it. You shouldn’t be disappointed!

  92. Ty

    This is my favorite flavor to vape hands down. Every time I make an order, I always include a big bottle of it. It has a perfect blend of flavors that makes me keep coming back. If you like menthol, “On the Rocks.” Is the way to go.

  93. Tallon Bunch

    I just mixed a bottle of Pink Spot + Blu Spot (50/50). It turned out to be a pleasent surprise! 🙂

  94. mike ciampi

    Just got.this in the mail today and one of.the best flavor i have tried from any shop. Havent been highly recommend

  95. Leslie Jackson

    My husband hasn’t been too keen on the idea or flavor of ecigs, until he took a puff of this. I received a sample with my order and I will be ordering a bigger bottle. This flavor may be the one to get my husband to ditch the smokes. Thank You PSV, You ROCK!!

  96. Shannon

    Just tried this out and it’s delicious! Sweet with a hint of tangyness. Good job Pink Spot!

  97. teresa

    I received this as a sample in my order.

  98. craig corbin

    I’m clearly a tobacco flavor smoker . But I received this as a sample by PS and tried it out.

  99. Wendy

    If you can’t decide on all their awesome fruit flavors- I highly suggest starting with this… you won’t be disappointed! It’s a perfect fruity blend that’s addictive.

  100. [email protected]

    Free sample ready to vape, is very nice, a little more flavor than I have used so far but that is not a bad thing. My sampler pack arrived very quickly along with a handwritten note on my invoice (human touch Thank You) I will add reviews of the other flavors after they have had time to mature. So far a very positive shopping experience.

  101. Sheamis

    I really want to love this, but I only like it. Tastes a little floral and perfumey (not a word but you know what im saying lol). Im thinking I might like the Blue spot a little more. But to each his/her own! I can taste lots of lime, little raspberry, less pineapple. If the order was backwards, I may like it more!

  102. [email protected]

    DELICIOUS! I’m pretty new to vaping (3 months smoke free!) and I always buy 30ml of this when I place my order, and buy either 6ml or 12ml of other flavors to see if there is one I like more. I haven’t found one yet! Taste like pink lemonade to me and I LOVE pink lemonade, but cant drink it without getting heartburn, so I’m pretty sure this will be my all time fave liquid!

  103. Mueske

    Tastes too much like pink lemonade to get 5 stars. I think this is a side effect of the raspberry/lime fusion. Lots of surprises with each vape that grow on me. Good, but not an all day vape like Blu Spot.

  104. Skeetorius

    I just came back to this. Let me just say the flavor is a bit more complex than just raspberry, lime, and what not. At first yes, it is that superficial. This flavor me of a gorgeous lady. I love it. No more pluid. This is it for me. Thanks guys. I taste lipstick in here, no joke. Genius.

  105. Skeetorius

    I just came back to this. Let me just say the flavor is a bit more complex than just raspberry, lime, and what not. At first yes, it is that superficial. This flavor reminds me of how a gorgeous lady tastes. I love it. No more Pluid. This is it for me. Thanks guys. I taste lipstick in here, no joke. Genius.

  106. [email protected]

    I started vaping 7 months ago and in the beginning i was going through flavors like crazy, I had a friend of mine give me half a bottle this “On The Rocks” and i loved it. I still try new flavors all the time but i keep coming back for more. Just ordered a 30Ml bottle, lets see how long it lasts!

  107. Silas

    this flavor is excellent..i’ve tried pink spot, g-spot, and blu-spot..i would say that they are all great..get them!!

  108. [email protected]

    SO GOOD! From what I taste, it’s like pink lemonade and bubble gum. I’ve heard people say many different things about this juice so this is just my impression. I love it!

  109. Greg

    Refreshing summer time vape! I taste the lime and pinapple the most but its sooo good. This is my all day vape right here

  110. [email protected]

    Hard to tell what the flavor is exactly, but I love it. It’s one of my 2 all day vapes right now. In my Vivi Nova on my ProVari this is the MOST consistent flavor that I’ve had. LOVE IT!

  111. Natalie

    I got this as a sample.. It tastes like pink lemonade. A little artificial but do-able!

  112. Tim

    My all day everyday juice!

  113. Jessica A.

    I’ve only been vaping for about a month.. I received a sample of this flavor with my first online order. I wasn’t sure about it at first but as I kept vaping it definitely grew on me. I found it to taste like cherry 7up even to include the feeling of the carbonation of soda on the throat. It was so tastey I picked up another bottle from the store.

  114. suspectk

    This is such a complex flavor. Its flavor can vary throughout the day, but there’s never any negative taste. It can taste like a really good bubblegum flavor, like a cherry-limeade(somehow it doesn’t have that flat taste, like it’s carbonated), cotton candy, and some others I can’t put into words. It’s one of my favorite vape’s from any vendor.

  115. John

    Very nice flavor. An everyday vape that the flavor keeps going strong. I would recommend this flavor, try it out.

  116. Chris e

    Potpourri bubblegum. Good.

  117. Grim

    I received this in the 6 pack sample. Tastes just like the Smarties Candy. I will definitely order again. Very smooth and enjoyable.

  118. [email protected]

    This is my every day vape. After several years, and trying juices from many other vendors, including mixing my own extensively, I can confidently say this is my favorite flavor and I DO NOT vape anything else. Seriously, just pink spot for the last 2 years. I don’t get tired of it, and when I do try something else it always ends up in the trash. Taste is subjective, but to me this, hands down, is the best juice on the market. The original pink spot is where it’s at. I get 120ml at a time. No extra flavor, no on the rocks, just straight up at 18mg. The other flavors are good as well, frozen lime drop is a close second to me, but nothing beats the pink spot. If I could only have one juice. This is it. Five stars? Nope. 6 stars. In fact, this stuff goes to 11 😉

  119. Damien

    I tried this is a 6ml sample bottle and was blown away. I reckon it tastes a lot like the lolly “lifesavers”. I loved it that much, I recently purchased a 120ml bottle. Lovin’ the PSV in Aus..

  120. Danielle L

    WOW! I am a menthol smoker a i got a free sample of this and i added some menthol drops to its amazing! I see that they have n on rocks option! I am loving this company. Yes its a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. There flavors are always stronger then there competitors.
    So excited I found you guys. So far I can recommend Blue Raspberry cotton candy, Pink spot and banana nut bread. Can’t wait to try more. Keep up the great work!

  121. Ragge

    I got this as a sample on my first order this summer. I loved it, so why did’nt I order more? I don’t know (So many great flavors from PS). But Now I ordered a 30ml, and I’m glad I did.

  122. Matthew

    A really nice flavour, similar to an ice lolly we have over here in the UK called “Twister”. A lot of my friends highly rate it too.

  123. Brandy

    I am new to PSV, but I have tried 4 of their flavors & have loved each one. Great quality…. yummy e juice! This Pink Spot flavor is really good!! 🙂 ~ I am just so very pleased with this company. Actually… I am tickled to death with PinkSpotVapor!!

  124. Michael (verified owner)

    The .6 is awesome for lung hits. The flavor is incredible

  125. Grumbleflaps Maggiligan

    One of my favorites. Very sweet, light, fruity, pink flavor. Similar to a pink Starburst.

  126. Hillary Calvert

    This is easily one of the best juices out there. It reminds me of those yummy ‘Cyclone’ popsicles with the blue raspberry centers. It’s light yet flavourful & vapes just as well on low ohms as it did years ago when I first tasted it using any of my old gear.
    PSV is definitely a go-to juice supplier if you are like me & hate throwing away money on thick, chemically, overpriced juices…nothing but quality, flavour & service here.

  127. very good”>_

    awesome “>_

  128. GMH (verified owner)

    So delicious not too sweet just right!

  129. Dana Steverson

    I’ve been probably the most loyal consistent customer of pinkspot vapors for the last oh at least 8 years now I think and this is the first time I’ve posted anything! I just never thought about posting a review before. My story in connection with pinkspot is special and it’s because of there exceptional high quality liquids that I vape “I’D LIKE TO SAY ONLY PINKSPOT LIQUID “ but there are a few rare times “ like 3 “ where I ran out of my juicy watermelon and was forced to vape crap liquid either locally made or from Malaysia btw crap is an understatement! See I now live most of the time on an island in Indonesia so I stock up! Put this way my last order was for 26, 120ml bottles of 3mlg standard mix juicy watermelon, when I started vaping a little more than 8 years ago I went in to my local vape shop to get off a 2 plus pack a day cigarette habit bought a starter kit and a bottle of tobacco flavored 18 milagram nicotine liquid YUCK!!! The very next morning I was back in that shop and found my juice that I still vape today and the only juice I vape, see back in the day pinkspot was one of the first flavored E liquid manufacturers and I’m pretty sure the biggest but I do know the best for sure! I’m pretty sure I’m up around 500 120 ml bottles of juicy watermelon that I’ve purchased over the years plus, flavors Georgia peach, watermelon wave just about all there fruit flavors, but juicy watermelon is mine!!!!! To me it tastes just like a jolly rancher watermelon candy soooo good

  130. Dustin (verified owner)

    This has been my daily vape for going on 5-ish years now. Out of all the flavors here, Pink Spot is King. Just a touch of menthol added brings it to divinity.

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