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Washington Red Apple E-Juice

Have you ever been apple picking in the fall? Crisp red apples paired with crunchy orange leaves underfoot… there’s nothing like it (except our Washington Red Apple e-Liquid). This amazing apple cocktail inspired e-Juice flavor is perfect for everybody. Voted the best apple flavor in the industry by family members, close friends, and a guy that owed me 20 bucks.

Washington Red Apple is created at a 60VG/40PG blend to maximize the flavor and vapor production.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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16 reviews for Washington Red Apple Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. AK

    This apple flavor is like a candied apple flavor. I didn’t like any of the apple flavor from any of the sites, but this one is freakin awesome. The 18mg nic had no throat hit so I recommend the 24mg. TRY IT! You’ll like it a lot.

  2. TC

    just got mine today loaded it up and have been enjoying it immensely. Don’t expect it to be like green apple flavors, but expect it to be wonderful

  3. Anonymous

    it was ok…was picturing it actually tasting like an apple, which it didnt really… im not sure what it tasted like, but i dont hate it. it is a good flavor, even if i cant put my finger on it. worth a try…

  4. Paul Clay

    This is now part of my daily vape. Right up there with applewood

  5. Christopher Shefler

    Tangy, sweet, and apple-y with lots of vapor production. I like it.

  6. Jordan

    I was skeptical about how close this could be to apple, but Pink spot nailed it. This smells and taste just like a fresh picked washington red apple!

  7. Anonymous

    Tasted mostly like the skin of the apple.

  8. Theresa Doster

    I agree with one of the earlier reviewers, in that I really don’t taste any apple. I can’t put my finger on what the flavor is, though. I’m from Washington State so I’ve eaten my fare share of apples in my 40+ years (let’s just say a LOT!) & I think I’d recognize the flavor…. but I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s actually pretty good. But I’m only giving it 3 stars ‘cuz of the lack of apple flavor.

  9. alowishus

    This flavor is amazing. I got the 12 mil so the TH is pretty light, but the vapor and taste are amazing. Im not a big TH guy, but if thats yr thing the TH would prolly be better at 18 or 24. Definitely reminds me of a red candied apple with a clean refreshing after taste.

  10. Kristel T.M.

    Perfect flavor to go with my adult beverage of choice. It does taste a bit more like the peel rather than the innards. No doubt it tastes like apple though and it’s excellent.

  11. Anonymous

    I became a DIY person after many disappointing eliquids ordered in the past that tasted chemically, perfumey, plasticy etc. I finally broke down and tried PSV. This was sent to me as a sample to try, and I love it. Not a tart green apple. A red apple so good without that in your face flavor. Perfect! It can easily be a daily vape for me! Can’t wait for the others in my sample pack to steep before I try them. Thanks Penn and Sandi for a great product!

  12. Anonymous

    I agree with the reviews that state that this does not taste like Apple. I found a Green Apple flavor that I really enjoy at a local vape shop, so I had high hopes for

  13. Selina Noack

    I don’t really taste the apple. There might be a hint of it, but I expected a clear apple taste. Then again taste is a strange thing. Others seem to love this vape. It’s definitely not bad, I like it, but I can’t say there is too much of an apple taste in this juice. Vapor production is nice, though, also there’s a very pleasant throat hit. Just right.

  14. Ragge

    Very mild taste, but sweet and lovely. I’ve tried some Apple juices from other vendors, but never cared for any of them. This one though. Will probably buy a bigger bottle.

  15. Amanda M

    I think this is a flavor that is probably better with less nicotine. I don’t think this is a bad flavor at all, I quite like it. But it doesn’t have a strong apple-y taste! –that’s why I’m giving it only three stars.

  16. Terry Brewster (verified owner)

    I decided to try some new flavors and this was one of them..it was ok..not the “apple” flavor I was looking for unfortunately..a little perfumie… I’ve been vaping it for about a week…it’s not terrible, but not something I’d choose for an all day vape

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