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Blu Spot E-Liquid

Blu Spot e-Liquid is a roundhouse kick of smooth juicy flavors. Highly recommended by 9 out of 10 Chuck Norris impersonators. You’ll find Blu Spot to be a smooth combination of blueberry, pineapple, and citrus. This is just one of our highly exclusive signature e-Liquid flavors.

We formulate this delicious blend with a 60VG/40PG ratio.

All of our Pink Spot Vapors e-Liquid is guaranteed to knock your socks off or else. Happy Vaping!

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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39 reviews for Blu Spot Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Amanda

    Even with 0mg nicotine, there’s enough flavor and throat hit to make this a winner!

  2. krystil guidroz

    The 1st couple of vapes…it was crazy…didn’t think I liked it..waitd awhile & tried it again & chuck norris kicked me on my a**…it’s 1 of my faves

  3. Hannah Schweitzer

    I tried Pink Spot first and really fell in love, so I decided to order the Blue, and wow, it’s really good. I can really taste the blueberry in it. I have been vaping this for almost 2 weeks now, and I’m still lovin’ it 🙂

  4. Shane Pierce

    I have tried probably 200 different flavors from many different vendors. This is by far and away the best flavor out there. Usually when i order flavors I make sure It is something I would eat or drink normally. Blueberry, Lime and Pineapple are not even things I would normally eat, combined in this vape though it is amazing. My only complaint is price. You pay a premium price and therefore I can only afford it every so often. Would love to be able to afford vaping it everyday!

  5. Johnny

    This is my 5th sample flavor I ordered and it’s very similar to the Pink Spot juice but with blueberry instead of raspberry. As usual, another winner! Can’t go wrong with this one either…

  6. Angela

    This liquid is sooo good. It’s smooth and mellow and the flavor combination is amazing.

  7. Robert Younger

    Got this in a sample pack, and it tastes wonderful! Using a 3.7v bat with a 2.0ohm cart and I cant praise this flavor enough. Tastes as a hint of a margarita but better. You wont be disappointed.

  8. Francois Matthysen

    Great juice. I’m tried many from various vendors and Blu spot is up there with my best of the best. Personally I need it tweak a little with more VG than what it is originally mixed with. The PG makes it a little harsher on my throat.

  9. Matthew Lowery

    This is my blueberry eliquid of choice, I vape it at 6 volts and it rocks.

  10. Jake Melcher

    This has got to be the best ive tried so far. Dont forget to add menthol just amazing.

  11. Donnie

    I am in LOVE with this flavor ! One of my co workers tried this and he was shocked at how amazing it tastes to vape.. Can’t wait for my other flavors to arrive .. Pinkspot hits the spot.

  12. Jordan

    great vape, big throat hit. Different variations of taste throughout the hit. Still getting use to it.

  13. Edmund Wong

    This liquid, by far, is one of the best liquids I have vaped. Out of the hundreds that stand on my table, I have refilled this one the fastest.

  14. Theresa Doster

    I didn’t think pink spot could be beat…. Well, I was wrong! It all started with a 3ml free sample of pink spot w/ my 1st sampler order. It was SO amazing I ordered a 6ml of pink & blu spots with my next order…. thinking that blu would probably be pretty good (couldn’t possibly be as good as pink spot). Well, I was wrong again……. it blew me away!!! Needless to say, I now have a 30ml of blu spot on the way!

  15. Mary Boley-Finley

    This is not our favorite ‘spot’, but it’s good.

  16. Jake

    Might be my favorite! Very sweet. Very good. Love it

  17. Jeannee Gannuch

    This flavor is keeping me up at night. I’m losing sleep because I don’t want to put it down and go to bed. I now have 38 flavors from various makers. Blue Spot is my absolute favorite, followed closely by Pink Spot. My new 120ml bottle should hold me for another couple of weeks 😉 Pink Spot Vapors is the clear winner with a total of 6 of their flavors in my top 8 favorites. Do your taste buds a favor and order this one now!

  18. Rockstar Rob

    Like Edmund said,it tastes like sprite remix…its impossible not to love this flavor. PinkSpot became my number one and only ejuice provider because of this flavor and original pinkspot juice. Try it,you wont be dissapointed.Handball Rob!!

  19. Scotty McNaughton

    I have to say I’ve found this to be my favorite juice yet! And the only reason I say yet is I’m hoping you guys find some way to top it, love it! Ordering more

  20. Pete

    Believe what you read and hear here and elsewhere, this flavor is amazing and for me has only been topped by Pink Spot. I can’t place this flavor as other have with Sprite Remix but that is entirely inconsequential. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  21. Brian Busby

    After the troubles I went through (my error, I didn’t put in my address properly.), Pink Spot was very quick to have it sent back to me and I finally got to try this lovely flavor out. I ordered it “On the Rocks,” which adds a very pleasant minty hit, but I feel as though the flavors may be a bit too subtle for the need of adding mint to it to be, well, needed. Regardless, I find this a very fine flavor and would definitely order again.

  22. psho

    I had purchased some Blueberry Juice from a local vendor, and the flavor was so weak, it was almost un-vapable. Decided to pick up some Blu Spot to hopefully jumpstart my Blueberry. Mixed both 50/50 and I’m loving it! Let my wife try some straight up with no mix, and it reminded her of an island mixed drink. I’m not really into the island flavors, but this one has a natural sweetness to it that is just delicious. Will be trying Pink Spot next!

  23. tiffany peak

    This is my 1st fruity vape, usually I stick to the sweet creamish kind. This actually made me pause and say damn! Nice cool blue taste, love it, might become a regular vape!

  24. Ester

    Okay so Im in love with pinkspot on the rocks, I tired bluspot on the rocks and loved it. when I ordered it came to me like vicks vapor rub. I couldnt even vape it. Others tired and couldnt either, I ended up having to buy a bluspot NOT on the rocks 12ml to mix with the 30. NOPE still cant vape it, its messes up my clearos and has them leak. I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH PINKSPOT =) LOVE IT! but really sad bluspot is sitting when I did like it. Not sure if there was a accident with the menthol, but Maybe oneday I might try bluspot without menthol but at this price its just sad I wasted money on something sitting in the vape drawer. Sandy was really nice to deal with though =)

  25. David Rauch

    Sweet and Fruity.

  26. Tallon Bunch

    I just mixed a bottle of Blu Spot+Pink Spot (50/50). It turned out to be a pleasent surprise! 🙂

  27. Chasen

    blu spot isn’t a super strong blend but it sure is addicting. I always switch to blu -spot when I’m looking for a good solid flavor but not one that will overwhelm me, particularly good for an all day flavor. There are so many layers to blu spot however that it continues to surprise me. I still notice more and more flavors everytime I vape & the only thing I can pinpoint is that it’s f’n amazing. Had to get as much as I could. Thanks Pink Spot!

  28. Troy Neal

    This is a good, light, fruity vape. Reminds me of spring / summer. It does not have as much citrus flavor as Pink Spot does, but is more a berry blend. Over all a very good vape that is slowly growing on me.

  29. Mueske

    Out of the two Pink and Blu Spots, I choose this one. A little sweeter then Pink Spot. Get yours on the rocks.

  30. [email protected]

    Wow amazing taste and smooth! Hadn’t tried so took a chance based on reviews and not disappointed at all! Had tried pink spot & wasn’t a big fan but this is outstanding! Blueberry taste & think its minty and maybe a little citrus….get a free sample and try.

  31. Steven

    My new favorite juice! I’ve only tried 4 of this company’s juices, but I can already tell that they are MUCH better than others.

  32. Alex

    I bought this juice on a whim. The owners son helped me and he pretty much liked the same stuff I do so he recommended Blu spot with some wild blueberry mixed in. WOW what a great idea. Smooth and refreshing just like Black Mamba but with an amazing blueberry flavor. Thanks for the help.

  33. John

    Oh yea!! very nice flavor. For sure one of my all day vapes. I would chose blu spot over pink spot all day. The blueberry flavor comes up front then a bite of citrus at the end. My top 5 flavors from pink spot and i have tried a lot of flavors.

  34. Andrew Shupp

    Definitely one of my favorite of the variety pack I purchased. The flavor is a very smooth blueberry flavoring that’s not overpowering and just the right amount of pineapple mixed in. Then at the very end you get a refreshing hint of lime. I ordered it “on the rocks” for that extra refreshing throat hit and it made the flavor that much more amazing. I definitely will be suggesting to my friends and other fellow vapers.

  35. Ragge

    This is a good fruity vape.

  36. brian benedict

    best juice ever i vape this everyday for the last three years and just ordered another bottle love this juice

  37. anmllvr28

    This has been my all day vape for a while. I liked pink spot but got burned out and something about the raspberry clogs up the coils too quick. This is the best of the” spots” and much easier on coils. My favorite! I get a 120 ml bottle with every order!

  38. Sarah houtz

    Not one of my favorites, but I like it. First of pink spots that I tried. I like the hint of lime. Will buy again.

  39. James

    I LOVE blueberry and I love Pink Spots blueberry. This is a good flavor and I do order it as a rotation juice. Their Pineapple is out of this world and this juice does not disappoint.

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