Gummi Bear Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

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Gummi Bear Flavor : Cocktail & Drink E-Juice

Just like the Gummi Bear shot at your favorite nightclub, Gummi Bear e-Liquid will have you feeling tickled pink. You’ll be able to taste the whole spectrum of fruit flavors in one e-Liquid. We know you’ll love it!

Pink Spot Vapors blends this and our other cocktail and drink e-Juice flavors using 60VG 40PG to ensure you get a smooth vape every time. !

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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44 reviews for Gummi Bear Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Casey Bryant

    this juice is amazing, one of the most yummy flavors ever! just like it says it tastes like gummy bears! first time i have bought from pinkspot and is not going to be the last! very high quality liquids, i vape this all day long, and it is a very sweet and great vapor producing juice!

  2. Jimmy

    This is legit!!! It tastes just like a gummy bear. I ordered this with a sample pack just to try it not thinking that I would actually like it but I did. It has became my favorite vape unfortunately I am out and can’t wait to order more of this

  3. chad easterly

    …..and was like,”WOW.”

  4. Davis

    It’s a surprise every time I notice how much of a spot-on match this is to the candy! Depth of flavor to keep you interested and pleasing aroma to those around you. Mixes well with other fruity flavors that could use a gummy boost.

  5. Jeff K

    I love Gummy Bears so I took a chance and ordered 30ml. When I eat gummy bears, I eat a bunch at a time and this liquid tastes JUST like chewing on a handful of them! Pink Spot got this flavor perfect! The flavor really shines using a LR DCT. This is my new all day vape.

  6. Theresa Doster

    Don’t really think it tastes like actual gummy bears (don’t think it’s supposed to) but does a good job mimicking the drink.


    This is truly the best juice iv ever vaped. Taste exacly the same as the real gummy bears. Really amazing. I vape with a blu cig and the 24 ml. Nicotine level has a very solid throut hit and ALOT of vapor. A very good all day vape. Youll be glad you chose this juice.

  8. Christopher Mellides

    Being new to vaping, one of the first e-liquids I purchased was the Gummy Bear juice. I wanted to try something that was familiar to me, a flavor that I genuinely enjoyed and am extremely pleased with the taste of this juice overall. I’m a big fan of gummies and found that this particular product was spot on in terms of flavor. A real nice sweet, and fruity vape accented with a decent throat hit at 24mg of nicotine. I’ll probably order myself another batch. Good stuff.

  9. Ashley C Silverthorne

    This is my second favorite flavor after Strawberry Cheesecake… It really does taste like a handful of gummy bears. It is an everyday vape for me!


    This was my first order from pink spot, and definitely not my last. Ive been ordering e-juice from another website and found out about this one so i decided to try. Got the gummy bear and no disappointments at all! Great taste and lots of vapor…wow. im using the volt x2 with the tank carto. Works very well. Thank you pink spot!

  11. Mike

    I’ve never had the drink so I can’t speak to the accuracy of the flavor but it’s a truly amazing flavor. I was surprised at how much I enjoy this juice. It has a creamy, well, gummy bear flavor along with some things I can’t pin down. It’s an amazing juice. I started with a free gift and was ordering 30ml bottles soon after. I’m not much into the throat hit of juices but at 12mg nic it kicks surprisingly hard.

  12. David Rauch

    Not bad, kind of artificial tasting.

  13. Kim Hoganson

    After tasting this E-juice I wanted to go buy a bag of gummy bears!!!

  14. Vapor Labs – Melissa

    I found Gummy Bear to be…interesting. I didn’t exactly like it, but I didn’t exactly despise it either. For me, this flavor seems to be too orange-y. I wish I could taste more of the gummy bear flavors in it.

  15. E-Cig Advanced

    I love gummy bears… I buy them just about every time I go to the store. We received this juice as a sample for review and I was very excited to try it. I love it! I know tastes are subjective, but to me this vape was packed with intense fruity flavors! I couldn’t pin point one, but was very impressed. I would definitely buy this one!!

  16. Dawna Van Otten

    Wow this is yummy gummy! Pink Spot is awesome their customer service is fantastic. I wish I owned a company so I could hire them!

  17. Greg

    This is the only only only e liquid I will EVER buy again..

  18. Tiffini

    This was the first flavor I tried and I love it. It’s one I will buy again. I wanted to eat it before I even vaped it when I opened the package. I thought the fruit blend was balanced and not in favor of one fruit or another.

  19. Baddest Bitch

    I got this yesterday for my bday from a couple friends. I really like it, one of my favorite juices from PSV. Only complaint is that the nicotine level is too high for me but whaaatever.

  20. Kapiolani Bogedain

    okay, so I have tried many different gummy bear ejuice, and this is hands down the best one out there! In fact it is one of five flavors that I vape everyday… Loving it!

  21. sicvapekin

    this is a good ejuice.. it has that nice jello gummy flavor with a touch of that taqiula flavor not to sweet its just right.. i give it a 4/5 it can use more flavor on the draw.

  22. Anonymous

    This flavor is awesome tastes kinda like lemon gummy bears

  23. Anna

    I tried this at my local vape store and didn’t really taste it too much, but I decided to buy a small bottle and now it’s my favorite flavor. I agree with another reviewer how the flavor could be a little bit more potent and it would be perfect. Tastes like white gummy bear and then when you exhale like pink lemonade. It’s so delicious.

  24. Danielle Casey

    This has been my #2 All Day Vape for over a year now, right behind Black Mamba. Tastes just like Gummy Bears! Sweet and refreshing with nice fruity tones to it. Great job PSV – Nailed It!

  25. [email protected]

    Great juice. Just ordered 120ml… Thanks PSV.

  26. [email protected]

    so delicious! like eating a hand full of gummy bears! I’ll be ordering more for sure!

  27. Cynthia M Freeman

    I have had gummy bear flavor before! And it’s excellent flavor very very fruity flavor and that’s what I like!!!!!

  28. Mueske

    This was the flavor I was most excited to try and the most disappointed in. I mean it was good but the flavor was weak, I could barely taste the gummies. Will have to try it extra flavor next time to really make up my mind.

  29. johnspenard

    This is absolutely DELICIOUS! It tastes EXACTLY like “the real thing”! You get lemon on one vape, cherry on another, orange etc.! Amazing! I think to some of the comments here saying the flavor’s weak, NO WAY! Maybe they’re not vaping it at an optimal voltage. That’s a whole other story. Definitely in my TOP 3!

  30. johnspenard

    This is absolutely DELICIOUS! It tastes EXACTLY like “the real thing”! You get lemon on one vape, cherry on another, orange etc.! Amazing! I think to some of the comments here saying the flavor’s weak, NO WAY! Maybe they’re not vaping it at an optimal voltage. That’s a whole other story. Definitely in my TOP 3

  31. [email protected]

    I didn’t purchase that one yet but.. I don’t understand, is this gummy bears candies flavour or some kind of beer flavour ? (I didn’t even know there was a beer with this name, probably because i’m french). Because the only reason why I want to buy this one is because I really wanna vape jelly-ish candy bears and not a weird drink 😀 Please guys, if you have the answer, i’d love to have one before my order 😉

  32. Adam

    I received this as a sample and am not surprised this is a top selling flavor, very very good. Dorianpinto- yes it tastes like a jelly candy bear. Here in the US we have shots (tiny glasses) of vodka that is strongly flavored to mimic candy, fruits, chocolate, etc. There is one popular shot called a Gummy Bear because its flavored to taste like a Gummy Bear. It isn’t beer at all, nor tastes like alcohol, you’ll love it.

  33. jason

    By far my favorite flavor from my sampler pack! It tastes incredible, its a deep flavor that to me and all my friends who cant get enough of it tastes almost EXACTLY like a Red Sour Patch Kid with the sour sucked off…highly highly recommend, you will not be disappointed…at 4.0V with my 2.1Ohm clearo it just gives the most flavorful and good throat hit ive ever experienced. ive found that with my variable voltage device i can turn up or down and find that the juice gives a different profile with every adjustment its insane.

  34. [email protected]

    Taste just like the candy!!! Excellent vaping flavor. Highly recommend for you candy lovers!!!

  35. Kevin

    Yummy! Will be buying a bigger bottle next time

  36. Jacque Wright

    This one is real good.

  37. Julie

    I was hooked on Rasberry Lemonade until I discovered this tasty treat! No wonder this is a top seller. I will always love Gummy Bear!

  38. Vannessa

    Amazing! Tastes just like a handful of gummy bears!

  39. Kevin

    Not that great. I saw the reviews so I bought some, and not a big fan. It’s OK. Not sweet enough.

  40. Jess

    Got this in the mail last week and I love this juice. Tastes just like gummy bears. I find I t’s a sweet/sour kind of juice but more sweet than sour. Good vapor production. I’m definitely getting a bigger bottle next time.

  41. Cassandra Jensen

    2nd one in my sample pack I tried and OMG. You know the little mixed color marshmallows? This is exactly what it tastes like to me. I let it steep for about 2-2.5 weeks….Amazing flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Jessica Uduman (verified owner)

    Love this flavor! Tastes exactly like sour patch kids! Ordering a bigger bottle today!

  43. Mike

    I’ll be reordering for sure. Amazing flavor

  44. Andrea Atwood

    Super yummy, but a bit too sweet. I usually mix it with my standard Lemberry Cooler to tone down the sweetness. But defs worth it!!

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