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Happy Ending E-Liquid Vaping Flavor

New and Improved

Movies have happy endings… books have happy endings… even massages have happy endings. Pink Spot Vapors pulled out all of the tricks to bring you your very own Happy Ending E-Liquid. A swirly, smooth, sweet vape that is sure to knock your socks off. Can you guess which flavors we used in this PSV mystery juice?

All of our premium e-cig liquids are made using only the best ingredients and are mixed at a 60VG 40PG ratio.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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36 reviews for Happy Ending Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Miss Lace

    Oh my!!! I received a sample of this flavor with my order (which arrived in record time). I had been looking forward to trying the flavors I selected yet the name “happy ending” caught my attention. It was love at first sniff. I set it up and I haven’t put it down since. Absolutely AMAZING!!! If a sugar cookie and butterscotch had a baby – it would be this. There’s a few notes in here that I can’t distinguish but it’s fabulous. Sweet and smooth. Pairs wonderfully with this cup of coffee.

    Very impressed, PSV.

  2. Amber Lane

    Hi Miss Lace!
    Thank your for your nice, and funny, comment! We LOVE Happy Ending as well, its our little “mystery flavor” creation!
    Since this new website hasn’t been launched yet, for now you can place an order for happy ending at pinkspotvapors.com.
    It’s not listed on the website yet, so you’ll just select any flavor, then tell us to switch it out for Happy Ending in the Special Instructions portion of your checkout process. We’ll get that changed right away! This new website will be launching soon, so check back in with us for all the new products we’ll be releasing.
    Thanks so much and have a wonderful week!
    Take care and Happy Vaping!
    Penn & Sandi

  3. Iris

    Tried this in store and it was “LOVE at FIRST VAPE”. Love it, everyone should for sure try this

  4. Debbie H

    This came as a free sample.It lasted about 1 1/2 days.I can’t believe HOW GOOD this is…..caramel,coconut,I don’t know and I don’t care,this one is a keeper!Pinkspotvapors not only has the best juice,but also the best customer service.If I lived in Vegas I’d be there all the time!

  5. karen

    I recieved a sample also. It was really good ,so my son took my sample .so now I have to buy my own bottle.keep yourself next time .LOL

  6. [email protected]

    I have been vaporing for a little while now, found PinkSpotVapor and have enjoyed the fast delivery of my products. I received Happy Endings in my package last week, and I have been smoking different taste (to stop smoking) and after a day of vaporing with Happy Endings I have enjoyed this taste it is different. It has a little sweet taste going down and a different taste when you first vape on it. You have to try this! It is something like you have never tasted before. Thank you PinkSpot!!!

  7. King

    Vape Equipment: Standard 3.4v eGo-T / 1.8Ω atomizer
    This juice smells GREAT!!! Like liquid butterscotch! First time my taste buds gave me a WTF signal vaping. It has that dry valentine’s day candy flavor on the intake and a ??? out. At 18mg nic, the throat hit isn’t as strong as I’d expect, ‘Happy Ending’ 🙂 However, I don’t think my standard vape is allowing me to hit the “sweet spot” for this flavor. If you’re running a standard setup like I am (if your battery doesn’t have a knob to change the voltage) I would recommend you choose another flavor, maybe on the fruity side.

  8. King

    I must add, I have tried 6+ other juice companys and PSV juices are by far #1 the cream of the crop.

  9. [email protected]

    Do yourself a favor and try some of this juice. One of the best.

  10. [email protected]

    LOVED this stuff, This is one of my new favorites! I traditional always buy French Vanilla and have for years, but Happy Endings may have locked it’s sister Frenchie in the dungeon for a while… because this little flavor is delicious and naughty. LOVE it! Thank you PSV love you guys!

  11. Wilhelmina Grader-Stephens

    This flavor is so awesome. Got it as a sample and my family is convinced that its like drinking hot cocoa with plenty of marshmallows. Whatever it is it’s wonderful. And Pink Spot is awesome too. Love all the wonderful flavors (must have at least 10 now) and they are great. The service is wonderful too very fast. Love the sampling too.

  12. [email protected]

    I got this in the 24 strength. Good god this is some tasty stuff! It is like vaping a super yummy cupcake.

  13. [email protected]

    I got this the other day it’s so good!! This is my 1ST time I got my vapor from pink spot and I got a few . Other ones .and I will be back.I’m so happy if it’s the best I will pay to get the best.and this is it. Thank you pink

  14. [email protected]

    This stuff is like toasted marshmallows with the tiniest hint of menthol, it balances rich and light flavors very nicely. It’s one of my new “go to” flavors from PSV.

  15. Rebecca

    Like most people I got a sample of this and fell in love. I was so excited that i finally found a juice that I actually craved. I went ahead of purchased the 120ml bottle….only once I got it, the juice was not the same. It was watery in comparison and had an unusual, unpleasant exhale. I left it in a dark cupboard steeping but even 3 months later it’s never come good. Pink Spot offered to send me a 30ml bottle to compare but I am unable to justify spending another $25 on shipping when my original order cost $100 for the 120ml + shipping to Australia. Definitely give this juice a go but maybe start out with a 30ml to start in case.

  16. [email protected]

    Great vape. My Swagger bottle bought the farm and I was happy to give this a go in the mean while. Marshmallows and the slightest touch of minty menthol. It’s very a very slight touch and works very well. This juice is fluffy. I like it.

  17. michkit123

    Based on the earlier reviewer’s raves, I ordered this in my sampler and have been vaping it like a mad woman. Vanilla, marshmallow and some other mystery flavors make this my new favorite vape!

  18. [email protected]

    My first ” Happy Ending” was a sample before it was on the web-site. I’m think I am in love, because I never want to be w/o it! I could not figure out the flavor. It is my HAPPY-HAPPY vape! Sweet and creamy satisfying even at 12 mg. I think it tastes like a vanilla cookie, with butter cream icing. Thank you, Sandi, and Penn!

  19. daddytech

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!! i got a sample of this stuff at our last Middle TN Vapers meeting that we have the first Sunday of every month and that little bottle just wasn’t enough, it was gone the next day , the chocolate tobacco is being donated but not only am i ordering the 120ML bottle i am on the zero mg e-liquids now and i look forward to getting the bottle soon. not sure it will last long though, i take 3 kanger tanks a night to work with me full and return with them completely empty now i also carry no less than 3 2000 mah batteries which return depleated also. lately i am out of the good stuff so i’m down to one battery and two kangers a night. looking forward to the order this stuff is like crack.seriously

  20. [email protected]

    This is my 3rd bottle first I got a sample and than I got the next size and today I got me the 30 this stuff is so good.my next bottle will be the 120 I just can’t find any other one that I like.

  21. Natalie

    I love PSV! Got this as my sample and came on here to order a bigger bottle, because this will be gone in no time! I don’t know what the mystery flavor is, but it’s a very happy ending indeed 🙂

  22. Claudia

    Requested this as sample & WOW!!!!! Some vape friends tried it too & know they will be ordering

  23. [email protected]

    I got this as part of a sample pack & already plan on reordering. This is a serious vape full of buttery, creamy creamy goodness!

  24. Robert

    Amazing flavor, very smooth and mellow, like jet puffed marshmallow. I cant put my finger on the end note, its like a slight mint. This juice is sweet and more complex then you would think. Great job, nothing compares to this, unless they introduced a buttered popcorn flavor, which after happyending i totally think its possible.

  25. Ginny b

    OMG OMG is all I can say about Happy Ending. Thought Coconut Cream Pie would always be my juice of choice, with Peach Pit a close second. But Happy Ending is my new fav!! Back for a bigger bottle.

  26. Ned

    By far one of my most favorite flavors from Pink Spot! It’s like a custard, yet a marshmallow, but with a hint of mint at the end. So glad I added this to my collection. It goes with me everywhere!

  27. Gary

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE. 110%. As I write this I am vaping my second order of this flavor. It’s complex to describe… marshmallow with the taste of a white tictac, of one of those after dinner butter mints at the end. There is definitely a presence of a premium bakery’s vanilla cupcake. I’ve been going with 6mg and the flavor is just spectacular. I was never a menthol smoker, and wouldn’t consider this a menthol flavor; the menthe at the end rounds it out spectacularly! This is also fantastic for mixing. Would recommend for anybody! Great creation Pink Spot! Favorite Flavor ever so far.

  28. Joseph

    Love Happy Ending ! So addicting it’s hard to get it out of your mind! Leaves a happy ending in your head to come back for more seconds later! I got it and put it in a drawer and totaly forgot about it. Three months later I found it and fell in love. It was a deep deep brown color (almost black) after the three months and I found it dose gunk up the clero tanks a bit but not too bad . A chocolate marshmallow taste with the slightest hint of mint on the exhale. Very addicting and hard to put down lol!

  29. JBPutrino

    Wonderful sweetness with a hint of minty cool. Toasty marshmallow buttermint. Addicting – get a big bottle so you don’t run out of this one! Definitely on the top of my Pink Spot list!

  30. Sean

    In the years since I started vaping, I’ve found less than a half dozen juices that really “scratch that itch” and keep me off tobacco. Pink Spot, Cantaberry Crush, and now Happy Ending are at the top of that list.

    I can’t keep my hands off the Happy Ending! Typically a tank of juice lasts about a week. Since getting Happy Ending 4 days ago, I’ve had to refill 3 times already! Tastes like toasted marshmallow and maybe a hint of graham cracker? Absolutely delicious!

  31. Dick McSlap

    Excellent marshmallow cream flavor with a slight minty kick. Only negative is that this juice left a permanent foggy layer on the Pyrex on my tank. I’ve tried everything to get it off but the fog remains

  32. Robert S.

    The first hit had a very strong menthol/minty effect immediately, with the buttercreamy flavor as more of an afterthought. The more I vape it, though, the more the creamy sweetness is coming out, and the cool mint is more of a finish. Very interesting juice. I can only give 4*, because PSV’s non-fruit flavors have a weird note to them that I generally don’t care for (wish I knew what that was; the fruits are all amazing), but it’s less pronounced here than in others.

  33. nicole

    sooo delicious

  34. Brandy (verified owner)

    I love this e juice!! PinkSpotVapor has such fantastic quality juice. Awesome customer service too!! The happy ending flavor is yummy goodness. If it wasn’t for Swagger then it just might be my all day vape. I don’t do youtube reviews but if I did… it would be all about how much I love this company’s e juice. When I first ordered I had no clue I was ordering craft quality e juice… so I thought the prices were just a bit too high. Now that I have tried this e juice… oh my goodness… it’s so good… so clean tasting… it’s worth every penny. This stuff is honest to goodness good REALLY GOOD quality craft e juice!! 🙂 Oooooh & I almost forgot the best part.. & I do mean the best part!!!!!!! You do NOT need to steep PSV’s e juice. It’s perfectly yummy right when you get it. WOW!!

  35. Nick

    I loved the old happy ending flavor but the new one taste like maple syrup!! Please stop changing your best flavors! This is my 3rd flavor that has been changed and the change has been bad!

  36. Di

    Happy ending is still my favorite flavor of all. It’s kind of a mystery its sweet,& mellow and finishes off with a sweet subtle mint like a white tic TAC. It’s a very complex flavor but never gets old

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