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One Love E-Liquid

Smooth, creamy banana with swirls of savory peanut butter. You’ll melt away into a tropical daydream with every relaxing vape.

One Love gourmet e-Liquid is concocted with a 60VG/40PG ratio.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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12 reviews for One Love Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Erin M

    Got this as a sample and fell in love, very smooth with an amazing flavor. Seriously no shortage of flavor in this one. Love it!, Great job Pink Spot 🙂

  2. Jan

    I’m hooked! I feel like I detect black cherry, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough!

  3. Gary

    To me this has a tinge of tobacco taste. The banana taste is strong at the beginning alongside a hint of sweet cream… On the exhale there is definitely a small burning tastes. I tried this in 6mg as a sample pack. I’m sure I have a friend that would love this, but not for me.

  4. Julia

    I love anything banana. This is one of the best! Thanks for this awesome mix, Pink Spot!

  5. Brandy

    I just love this flavor!! LOVE IT!!!! I asked one of the awesome people at PSV (thank you, Matt A.) to suggest another flavor for me based on how much I love Swagger & this one was suggested. WOW! I am really loving this flavor!! I can’t get over how much I am enjoying PSVs flavors. PinkSpotVapors ROCKS the e juice!! Really they do!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Adam

    All you need is (one) love♥
    This is such an incredible flavor. Banana on the inhale, chocolate on the exhale. Perfection!

  7. Daniel

    It’s like something you would find at a state fair. Best way I can describe it is a chocolate covered banana dipped in peanut butter.

  8. Grant

    kind of reminds me of a chocolate banana cookie. smooth on the exhale

  9. Rich

    Really liking this flavor so far. Not a huge fan of banana, but this one was made very well.

  10. Julie

    This vape is so unique. I can taste banana and peanut butter, and it’s such a perfect combination. Great idea Pink Spot!

  11. Sarah S.

    This is really good. To me, there is definitely a banana flavor… a cross between fresh and candied. I also taste a hint of sweet vanilla cream with tobacco and cinnamon undertones. Overall, this reminds me of a banana bread with a slight hint of tobacco. I may sound odd but I think it’s very well blended. 🙂

  12. Rae

    Took a chance on this one. So glad I did! It’s my new favorite ADV! I was worried the peanut butter may be overpowering and too harsh but it was very light and let the banana take center. I never would have considered vaping banana before but I’ll be buying a bigger bottle soon.

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