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Honey Cured, Smoky Tobacco eJuice Flavor

Looking for an all-American smoky tobacco eJuice flavor? Honey Cured Tobacco Flavor is inspired by flavors straight from the South. Made to taste like Uncle Herb’s afternoon cigarette with just a touch of real honey. There ain’t nothin’ else like it.

All of our premium e-Liquid flavors are created right here in the good ol’ USA using the best ingredients. All of our juices are mixed fresh to order at a 60VG 40PG blend.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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42 reviews for Honey Cured Tobacco Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Anonymous

    I stumbled upon this liquid a few days ago after a reference, I was not disapointed. I mix a small amount with some menthol and it is dreamy.

  2. Nicholas Curtis

    After spending over $75 in e-juice from china and being almost entirely disappointed with over 15 flavors I purchased a friend and myself decided to split the price of a sample pack. I am so HAPPY that I did. All the juices we purchased have been AMAZING.

  3. Robert Younger

    If you are looking for a bold and full bodied tobacco flavor, look no further. This is the closest tobacco flavor I’ve tasted that comes to a real smoke yet. It doesn’t sound like that would taste all that great but it is amazing! Its not overly powerful but it has a very rich and full taste. Very smooth and not harsh at all, and doesn’t have that gross lingering taste that most tobacco flavors have. A very good choice for those looking for a good flavor that crosses a great flavor with that of what full bodied tobacco would be. Using a 3.7v batt with a 2.0ohm cart.

  4. Anonymous

    At first I hated this flavor, but then I gave it another shot and now I can not put stop vaping this flavor. The only downfall is that some of my friends complain about the smell of the second hand vape. Other than that this is a great e-liquid

  5. Hamdit

    tried almost every tobacco flavored liquid out there, i filled up my cartomizer(boge) and tried it out. first i was like “what is this flavor :/” after i got used to the full flavor of it i knew it, this is tobacco !!!! i tried different voltages and the good thing is that the taste is there even on higher volts where others taste burnt.

  6. Sean Mahoney

    I originally ordered this because I saw a review that grimgreen did on this, and he said it tasted exactly like a cigarette, down to the ash and burning paper taste lol. So I figured I’d try this liquid that actually nailed the flavor of an analog cig where so many others had failed. So I tried it thinking it was going to taste awful. well I was surprised to find that it actually taste absolutely nothing like a cigarette, and its become one of my favorite flavors. It has a full tobacco taste with honey, but like the description says, not overpowering. Next time I order I will be picking up the biggest bottle they have.

  7. C kase

    Good juice, great vape, throat hit ok, closest hands down to a real cig I have ever seen. Great for a for what it is.

  8. cheyenne parris

    I guess since being away from analog smokes for several months I’ve lost that desire for juice that taste like the real thing. really liking the more fruity and menthol vapes lately. Kind of disappointed, but not with the juice my tastes just changed faster than I would have thought possible. So i guess I’ll have to find some other savory flavors to vape. You guys should try some tea flavors maybe a long island iced tea 😉

  9. billy

    This stuff just gets better and better! At first it was nothing special, but found myself vaping this all day long. This flavor really grew on me. Hard to describe, but a sweet honey with a hint of tobacco flavor. Medium throat hit and smooth. Really hits the spot! Must have more!

  10. Theresa Doster

    I got this as a free sample with my last order, my hubby was looking for a GOOD tobacco flavor (having spent A LOT of $ trying to find one from a lot of other places and being terribly disappointed, before discovering Pink Spot). Still leery about tobacco flavors, we tried the sample… and to our surprise… it was GOOD! It’s not something I’d vape all the time, but when I REALLY crave an analog… it TOTALLY hits the “spot” (especially w/ a good cup of coffee)!!!

  11. Nick

    After reading all the reviews and watching Grimm’s review, I decided to give this a try. After my first few pulls on it, I was disappointed that it did NOT taste like an actual cig. Strange thing how flavors can change after using them for a bit, because after maybe 1 mil of this stuff, it did start to taste just like the real thing. It even lingers in the air like the real thing….but don’t worry, what lingers is a sweet smell that I love. Gonna be ordering a lot more of this in the future!

  12. Rascal

    Just like the others say, tastes very close to an actual cig. At first it tasted like a big spoon of honey , but about a day later it really started tasting like a real smoke. Best choice for someone who likes cig tastes. In my opinion.

  13. OHMS

    This is by far my favorite tobacco juice. I have tried many honey cured from different vendors and I don’t know why I even bother. Pink spot is always on point when it comes to their juices. The tobacco taste is good and the honey taste is faint which is good because it’s not too overpowering. Highly recommend.

  14. Lindsey M

    Not that I ever loved the taste of cigarettes… BUT, this is one of those have to haves for me. Works great with my coffee or, on the days I want to say F*#% this I need a cigarette. This one has kept me on track and smoke free for 6 months now.

  15. Pete

    Love this juice, mildly sweet with a nice clear tobacco flavor. Tastes like a fresh pack of camel filters smells right after you open it plus a touch of sweetness. I have been mixing it with Black Mamba on the rocks and it’s a million different things going on at once and they all rock.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks this tastes like tobacco at all. All I get from it is honey, lots and lots of honey. It’s not bad at all, in fact I’m vaping it as I type but I don’t get any tobacco flavor out of it.

  17. Brandon Fitzgerald

    Previously before trying Pink Spot, I would usually mix a tobacco liquid with a flavored liquid, as I like to sweeten my tobacco, but don’t like the overt sweetness of pure sweet flavors. I find this honey cured tobacco flavor to be outstanding. The honey flavor to tobacco ratio is more honey than the description implies. However, that is perfect for my tastes. I’ve tried other e-liquid brands that either have too much of a sour aftertaste, or taste like plastic-perfume. Pink Spot is a little more expensive, but you can definitely taste where the extra money is going (and is worth the few more dollars than other brands).

  18. Rene

    This one is just great. If you are just starting to stop smoking as I am but still want that real cig then this one is for you.

  19. Teri McG

    I ALWAYS have this one on hand. Light, not-too-sweet honey, with enough tobacco to satisfy those years-old cravings. The liquid itself even has the aroma of a freshly opened pack of cigs…. Aaaaah! Totally satisfies everything I miss about regular cigs. I’ve been ordering this one ever since I got it in my very first sampler pack.

  20. andy

    I really can’t find any tobacco flavour in there, it’s plain honey to me with maybe a little bit of something else.

  21. Dan B

    This one is pretty good, but a little light on flavor for my tastes.

  22. Rick

    This is one of the better honey cured flavors I’ve tried. Good TH at 18mg and nice vapor on a LR atty. I’m getting more of a honey-nut flavor rather than a honey-tobacco, but I don’t suspect that’ll stop me from easily vaping the whole bottle. I’d buy it again and let it sit a while to see if that tobacco comes through. Hard to commit to a 30ml though since it is a bit pricey. If you like honey flavors, you’ll like this one.

  23. Tattooer81

    I have been ordering Honey cured Tobacco for a while now and is my all day Vape. I got the people in the shop hooked on it. I highly recommend Honey Cured Tobacco for an all day Vape.

  24. [email protected]

    After spending some time with this juice, it’s really good. You can really taste the honey, it’s very strong. There’s also a smokyness behind the honey flavor which dulls the sweetness of the honey and give the juice an over all earthy honey tobacco flavor. I got it in the 24 mg strength and omg, the throat kick is brutal. Seriously be warned if feels like someone kicked me in the chest it’s actually a little much for me. You may want to start with the 18 mg and go from there if you want a harder hit, or try cutting it with some VG be careful though I think this juice is all ready mixed with some VG so don’t go half and half just try a couple ml and go from there. All and all it is very good I personally prefer the swagger but this is still good stuff and if you like honey you have the try this juice!

  25. johnspenard

    This is a subtly delicious flavor, as honey is! A completely natural real honey taste! It really feels like you just ate a spoonful of quality honey. It is absolutely true to form. Love it!

  26. [email protected]

    wow. when i got this it became my all day vape (except for my morning vape). this e liquid tastes exactly like honey right out of a jar. one thing that i dont like is that it doesnt have much vapor production. i def. recommend this liquid for ppl that like honey of course!

  27. Mark Preston

    What can I say that hasn’t been said? Honey Cured Tobacco has a true tobacco flavor sweetened by the perfect amount of quality honey. PSV makes incredible flavors, and will do things like customize your nicotine desire and adding a flavor to your e-juice. If you love the tobacco flavor, but like a hint of sweetness, you can’t go wrong with this one. Just a hint to those who have just found PSV, your search is over. No one makes better e-juice or has the great customer service of PSV.

  28. [email protected]

    Dubbed by Grimm Green as “Legit Cigarette” I was expecting something other than this. It’s very interesting, it reminds me of Christmas for some reason. The honey is good and it does taste somewhat like a cigarette I suppose. If you’re looking for a really intense “out there” flavor, I’d say give this one a shot.

  29. Jennifer

    What can i say besides amazing, few drops in atty ….then directly into 5ml tank love it

  30. Star

    The first impression I get with this vape is a really smooth, organic, gourmet honey flavor, backed by the golden, “wheatie” flavor of real tobacco. The honey is not too sweet or over-powering and the tobacco gives it a nice earthy mellowness. At 18mg, the throat hit is significant and the vapor production is satisfying. I am an ex-clove cigarette smoker and I have never been a fan of straight tobacco but this flavor really grabbed me from the get go, in fact it was the first juice I bought with my starter kit. Now it is my gold standard when trying new flavors to add to my collection and I can honestly say it’s pretty hard flavor to beat. The only one that has come close is Swagger which I trade off on periodically, but for the most part this is my all day, every day vape and I love it!

  31. Carrington Gentry

    This juice is the best. I’m HOOKED! I thought I was gonna switch my vapes around, but I can’t seem to put this one down. LOVE love love it!!!!

  32. Brandon

    Honey Cured Tobacco is my go to e-juice. I will never leave home without a bottle of it with me! To me, it is the greatest tobacco flavor out there! A perfect blend of honey and tobacco flavors do wonders to my taste buds! Definitely recommend Honey Cured Tobacco for anyone looking for a strong tobacco flavor matched perfectly with the sweet taste of honey.

  33. [email protected]

    Just got my first Pink Spot order today, and I am STOKED!
    Ok, so… I ordered Honey Cured Tobacco because of a YouTube video review of it where the guy compared it to a “legit Cigarette”- down to the burning paper. While that (IMHO) isn’t completely true, this is a delicious flavor. It tastes just like a freshly opened (unsmoked) pack of high quality cigarettes smell, plus a drizzle of yummy honey. It is DELICIOUS. I have caught myself multiple times today putting the mouthpiece up to my NOSE instead of my mouth, JUST to smell the sweet, rich, mouthwatering aroma, that only gets better once vaped. To boot, the nice handwritten note welcoming me to the Pink Spot family and thanking me for the vape love was wonderful- it make me smile with pride. THANKS, PINK SPOT! I’ll post reviews for Black Mamba OTR and my Swagger sample when I try them. That is, if I can manage to put down this HCT for long enough! 🙂

  34. Ragge

    I’ve testet some tobacco flavors earlier, but they’ve ended up in the trash. This one buy the way is awesome. It taste just like I’ve allways wanted a good tobacco should taste.

  35. Theresa Silge

    Love it!!

  36. wendy

    Right out of the mail… Wonderful! I bet if you steep it and let it age it will be even better!! I love it!

  37. Simon Wilshire (verified owner)

    THis stuff is amazingly good… In fact it’s by far the best Tobacco flavour on the market in my honest opinion.
    I live in the UK, I was driving through Las Vegas when we found Pink Spot and Sandi invited me to try many different samples, the moment the vapour crossed my tongue and hit the back of the throat – I knew I wanted it.
    I’ve been using it ever since and cannot recommend this enough – as too the quality of customer service and friendliness of the entire team.

    Thank you for making the passage of putting down cigarettes permanently – just so damn easy 🙂

  38. John Ashcroft (verified owner)

    Well I’ve been vaping this for over 2 years. It is my go to, all day, every day liquid. It’s basically the magic formula that help quit a 2 pack a day habit. It’s smooth no overbearing flavors. Just a good vape for those looking to replace analogs. Cigarette free since April 22, 2014

  39. Dom

    My all time favorite! In the past 2 years I´ve tried so many different shops and flavours and this one is still my number 1!

  40. Mike

    All I got out of this was honey. Not a bad vape at all, but I was expecting a little more tabacco flavor

  41. Brian Berry (verified owner)

    Great all day vape, my all time favourite tobacco blend, coupled with fantastic service and very fast delivery to the U.K (7 days from placing order to the knock on my door). Well done Pink Spot, you definitely have my returning custom.

  42. James

    I really like this one. It is heavy on the honey and it is a delicious honey. The Tabac is subtle but makes it a great vape. So far I have not had a flavor from pink spot that I would say I dislike.

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