11 Crazy and Unique E Liquid Flavors

Love to vape, but sick of having to choose between just “regular” and “menthol” ejuice flavors? Pink Spot Vapors has got you covered. With our unique formulations, creative flavors and high quality ingredients, these 11 crazy e juice flavors make vaping not just an alternative to smoking, but so much better! Read ahead to find out more about Pink Spot Vapors’ crazy and unique e liquid flavors.


1. Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

eliquid refill

Sweet and savory–just like Mom used to make! A definite mixologist favorite and sure to be one of yours, as well. Dig in!


2. Raging Bull

ejuice refill

Tastes dangerously close to your favorite energy drink. Need a pick me up? This one will give you wings. Are you ready?!


3. Gummi Bear

eliquid refill

Just because an e liquid flavor is unique and uncommon, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. This crazy flavor is inspired by the popular Gummi Bear shot, and the taste is pure Gummi awesomeness — without the hassles of putting on pants and braving the wild nightclub crowds.


4. Strawberry Champagne

eliquid refill

Enjoy this bubbly and delicious flavor for an every day celebration. You can toast to the little things in life without needing a designated driver! Bliss. Pure bliss.


5. Cola


A vape flavor that can do more than help you cut out tobacco — it can help you cut out the soda, too!  Chill out and relax with this improved, refreshing flavor. Have a cola and a smile…


6. Nutty Buddy Cookie

eliquid refill

Friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies and best friends share their Nutty Buddy Cookie with you. You’ll be surprised how much this perfect vape tastes just like the snack that mom used to sneak in your lunchbox.


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7. Banana Nut Bread

eliquid refill

The mixologists hit the nail on the head with this one.  Banana Nut Bread is a customer favorite that is packed with so much flavor, you may not ever go back to eating actual Banana Nut Bread.


8. Peanut Butter

eliquid refill

This is exactly what George Washington Carver was aiming for, we’re sure of it. Creamy, nutty and smooth. This might just be your new daily vape.


9. Bubble Gum

eliquid refill

Four out of five dentists agree: vaping Bubble Gum is A-OK! This eliquid flavor is so realistic that you may try to stick it under your desk when you’re done with it. You’ve got no one to blame but yourself when you end up in detention!


10. Lemon Coconut Cookie

eliquid refill

Take a drag on this sweet, tart vape and curb your craving for a sweet treat. The best part? Enjoying the deliciousness without the calories. Perfection.


11. Honey

eliquid refill

This crazy e juice flavor is the Bee’s Knees. It tastes like, you guessed it,  a spoonful of honey! Sweet, satisfying and mouthwatering.

This is just the start! Pink Spot Vapors’ e liquid experts are crafting new, crazy and unique flavors every day. Expand your horizons; try a new flavor today and find out why vaping leaves smoking in the dust.


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