The 22 Best Menthol E Juice Flavors

For those vapers that can’t get enough menthol, we are proud to offer 22 unique flavors “on the rocks.” Here are some of the most refreshing menthol e-liquids you can find on the market, sure to bring a cool rush of excitement to your day.

best menthol e liquid

Happy Ending

With hints of marshmallow, vanilla cookie and a hint of menthol on the exhale, get your Happy Ending today.

Ginny b – :

OMG OMG is all I can say about Happy Ending. Thought Coconut Cream Pie would always be my juice of choice, with Peach Pit a close second. But Happy Ending is my new fav!! Back for a bigger bottle.


Grape Lime Rickey

Based on the legendary cocktail. With a hint of menthol, this e juice boasts a rich and classy taste.

Sara – :

Hands down the best juice I have purchased!!! Hits the spot! It’s flavorful, smooth with a light hit of menthol. Dream come true! PSV now has a forever customer…nobody else compares to you guys! Keep up the amazing work


Lemon Drop

Another in the cocktail inspired series, our lemon drop e liquid tastes like a sun-kissed lemon dipped in sugar.

Andrew Shupp – :

So glad I decided to get this flavor! I have looked for a lemon juice that wasn’t too sour and wasn’t too sweet. This flavor is PHENOMENAL! I got it on the rocks for that extra throat hit flavor and it tastes exactly like a lemon meringue pie! DEFINITELY ONE OF MY NEW FAVORITES!


Surf Rider

Menthol balanced with refreshing coconut water and blue raspberry, this flavor is not to be missed.

Mueske – :

When I first saw this, I said “Coconut and Blue Raspberry… interesting! Like riptide with Coconut!”. So I ordered it and I am glad I did, it vapes as good as the description says. Profound coconut, hint of blue raspberry vaped @ 4.3 volts.




Snowman’s Kiss

Cool peppermint and menthol make for the coldest vape available.

Mueske – :

85% peppermint and 15% menthol, so smooth and delicious. Impressed that it DOES NOT taste like vaping Vicks vap-o-rub like some other companies peppermint juices do! Glad I got the 30ml.


Pirate’s Booty

Based on the classic Rum Runner cocktail, Pirate’s Booty brings the party. With rum and exotic juice flavors, you arrrrr going to love this one.

Gina – :

I do believe this will become one of my faves!! Def a great summery cocktail flavor!! Citrusy flavor comes out the most but is not overpowering in any way. PSV just has a knack for making these fruity inspired flavors very real tasting. Never overpowering and fake tasting!!! Great TH and vapor. Thanks PSV for making such amazing flavors!!


Fuzzy Navel

Forget the vodka, all you need poolside is this perfectly blended vape. Nothing beats our Fuzzy Navel on a hot day.

king.castor.85 – :

It’s got that great balance of sweetness and tart/sourness. It reminds me of eating those Sour Patch Kids candy, except it’s more sweet than sour. Great all day vape!


Peach Green Tea

Add menthol to Peach Green Tea and you’ll have the taste of summer in your pocket.

Zelphoe Maloney – :

Simply Love this flavor. I can use it as an all day vape. It has a great peach taste with green tea undertones. It feels like I just made some tea and am now relaxing on the porch.


Pink Spot

Our signature flavor includes raspberry, lime, and pineapple. One vape and you’ll be hooked.

suspectk – :

This is such a complex flavor. Its flavor can vary throughout the day, but there’s never any negative taste. It can taste like a really good bubblegum flavor, like a cherry-limeade(somehow it doesn’t have that flat taste, like it’s carbonated), cotton candy, and some others I can’t put into words. It’s one of my favorite vape’s from any vendor.


Blu Spot

The smooth, bold cousin to the Pink Spot, this blend includes blueberry, pineapple and lime.

Andrew Shupp – :

Definitely one of my favorite of the variety pack I purchased. The flavor is a very smooth blueberry flavoring that’s not overpowering and just the right amount of pineapple mixed in. Then at the very end you get a refreshing hint of lime. I ordered it “on the rocks” for that extra refreshing throat hit and it made the flavor that much more amazing. I definitely will be suggesting to my friends and other fellow vapers.


G Spot

From the masterminds of the Pink and Blu Spot, this grape based vape will blow your mind.

Clinton – :

I’ve tried grape flavors from MANY different companies and NOTHING compares to G-spot! Very strong and deep flavor, reminds me of Welch’s grape drink or Kool-Aid. Other grape e juices are weak like candy, NOT G-spot. Works great in a tube cartomizer, curious what it tastes like dripping.


Bikini Martini

This blend of premium orange vodka, cranberry, citrus and menthol will have you craving the beach.

Janyce – :

So far this is one of my favorite flavors!! Just can’t get enough!!! Yes, best thing I’ve had in my mouth!…LOL :)


Black Mamba

You’ve never had a vape like this. With blackberry, cranberry and a splash of citrus, topping off this blend with a hint of menthol packs a bite.


Danielle Casey – :

This is my #1 All Day Vape and has been for over 1 1/2 years now. I buy this in the 120ml size bottle and make sure I never run out. Love the sweet blackberry, the tart cranberries and the nice citrus bite. Love, love, love it!


Frozen Lime Drop

Nothing goes together better than smooth lime and cool menthol.

Allex L – :

I have never written a review for anything in my life until now. I feel like I’m not doing my job if I don’t say something about this juice.

Let me just say this: THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST EJUICE IN THE WORLD! I don’t think I can ever smoke anything else. It tastes identical to a lime Otter Pop! Like literally identical! It hits so smooth and leaves such an amazing taste in your mouth! I wish I could give this 100 stars, it’s that good!

Thank you Pink Spot, you have a very happy new customer :)


Rip Tide

Catch the wave of blue raspberry and strawberry, perfectly blended with cool menthol.

Jay Art – :

This flavor is absolutely astonishing. Has a very dominant fruit taste with just enough of a mint/menthol undertone to make it perfect for both fruit and menthol lovers. It also mixes well with a variety of fruit flavors while still bringing that mint to the table. GREAT job guys.


Pear O Melons

Fresh pears and ripe melons added with menthol makes this a refreshing break from the usual.

Laura – :

MUST TRY!!!! This is my favorite. The taste is smooth, sweet, but not overly so! I could vape this in my sleep! I love this flavor. Highly recommend you try it!


Cantaberry Crush

Yes, cantaloupe and cranberry. Add menthol for a light flavor that you can vape all day.

Geri – :

Received this as a free sample (thank you so much). Loved the smell immediately. Vaped it right away and love it. I will be ordering a larger bottle soon.


Topless Beach

Banana and peach, married in heaven, honeymooning on the beach with menthol. You won’t want to leave this beach.

king.castor.85 – :

I cannot put this bottle down. Got it in the sample pack yesterday, and I’ve been vaping it ever since. Gonna buy the 30ml bottle on my next round of orders. It seriously tastes like a banana peach sundae, in Hawaii!!


USA Menthol

Oh say can you taste the full flavor tobacco and clean menthol. This e liquid makes us proud to be Americans.

Hannah Schweitzer – :

I used to be a menthol smoker, so I still live to have some menthol in my rotation. I bought the USA Menthol and this one, and I prefer this one. It’s fresh and has a hint of sweetness, but it’s NOT MINT. Very nice



Not just a mint flavored e cig, this blend replicates the menthol smoking experience to perfection.

Blue – :

The REVIEWS above say it loud and strong!!! THE BEST MENTHOL I have found!!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!! Perfect Menthol flavor, even as a 0mg nicotine… just tasty!!!!! I love it!!! THANK YOU PINK SPOT!!!!!


Sub Zero

Menthol the way it should always be. The next level in e juice blending.

Kevin Jones – :

I really like the coolness of the flavor and it is not harsh at all. It not overpowering like some other menthol e-juices that i have tried previously. Third time is the charm because after ordering a sample pack and a 12ml. i am now ordering a 30ml bottle so that i will have a good supply of it. This is a winner with me. Thanks PSV!

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