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4 Gifts for your Vaping Valentine

4 Gifts for Vaping Valentine

Hey Vapers! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out what to get for your favorite vaping cuddle buddy? Why not make this Valentine’s Day all about vaping? Vape kits are a great gift for anyone who still smokes cigarettes – especially if they just made a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking. Even if they are already a vaping vixen, Pink Spot Vapors has everything you need to make them swoon.


It’s without a doubt the best thing you can give. New flavors, favorite flavors, or subtle innuendos (Happy Ending?) are always appreciated when gifted to any vaper. We have tons of great flavors that match up perfectly with Valentine’s Day. From sweet, tasty flavors to classic tobacco inspired aromas, Pink Spot has it all.

The best part about Pink Spot eJuices and Valentine’s Day? We can personalize each eJuice bottle to say any sweet message that you desire. Pick a classic like “Be Mine”, “Love You”, or just a plain old “Happy V-Day”. Whatever cute inside joke you can think of – we’ll be happy to oblige. A personalized message makes the gift that much more meaningful.

For Valentine’s Day, we recommend gourmet flavors like Perfect Buns, Kiss in the Dark, Fuzzy Navel, Watermelon Wave, Black Mamba, and Gummi Bear


It’s always great to have a few disposables handy. How many times have you run out of batteries? Or worse- run out of eJuice? They are great for day trips, parties, or nights out when you don’t want to lose expensive equipment. We have disposables available in tons of flavors – so you can pick a few for your valentine to try.

Try flavors like Topless Beach or Rip Tide.


For the serious vaper who has tons of different bottles and flavors already – get them organized with a storage solution. Etsy is stocked with tons of eJuice storage pieces and cases.

We also carry cases and vaping travel bags for long trips.


The only thing she loves more than you is vaping. Head over and check out our apparel line. We think the Vape Love V-Neck would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

For your guy, with a sense a humor, how about a Vaping Jedi Tee or an It’s Not Going to Vape Itself Tee? Zazzle also has some creative vaping shirts. For instance, the Size Matters Tee and the Coil Wick Drip Vape Tee are some of our favorites.