5 Fruit E-Juice Flavors That Taste Better than the Real Thing

Thanks to the e -cig revolution, more and more people are having success limiting, and even eliminating, their use of conventional cigarettes. Not only do e-cigarettes alleviate health hazards associated with the tars and chemicals in ordinary cigarettes, but they also have no lingering odor, well, besides the awesome odor of whatever flavor you’re vaping. Speaking of flavors, in this article we’ll take a look at the five tastiest, fruitiest e-liquids that will truly enhance your summer experience.

1. Peach Green Tea

A top seller, this e-juice refill is a perfect blend of subtle flavors for the summer. There is nothing better than relaxing on your front porch, whistling a tune and vaping away on this one-of-a-kind flavor. And believe us, it’s just as refreshing as an actual glass of peach green tea.


2. Watermelon Wave

Watermelon Wave E-Liquid Refill
This is one wave you absolutely need to catch. Each puff brings a rush of delicious, refreshing watermelon flavor. You’ll never believe how close this must-try concoction is to the real thing. And what says summer better than the taste of juicy watermelon? That’s right. Nothing.


3. Bing Cherry

Bing Cherry E-Liquid Refill
This e-juice flavor, inspired by the annual Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan, is a delectable sensory experience that you won’t soon forget.  With just the right amount of sweet, this might just be your all-day vape, all summer long. We don’t blame you.


4. Fresh Strawberry

Fresh Strawberry Flavor E-Liquid Refill
There’s nothing quite as refreshing as laying in the grass on a warm summer day with a basket of strawberries and a glass of ice water. This e liquid is formulated to taste exactly like biting into a sweet, fresh strawberry. Live out your summer fantasy all day, every day with this delicious e-liquid flavor.

5. Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple E-Liquid Refill
It doesn’t get any better than this fresh, juicy flavor. With all the sweetness and taste of a freshly picked pineapple, and none of the sticky spines, this e-juice packs a real summertime punch.

This is just the start. Check out our  full line of fruit flavored e-juice formulas and find the perfect taste for your perfect summer. Even better, you can custom choose a nicotine level to help you gradually reduce your nicotine intake and eventually kick the habit for good! Visit our online merch section, or visit us in-store at one of our two Las Vegas locations, to restock on fruity e-liquid flavors today! 702-655-8273


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