5 Reasons Why Vapers Are More Attractive Than Smokers

Not sure why you should finally make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs?  Here are 5 reasons vapers make better partners.

Reason #1: Vapers Smell Better

Unless you want to spend your Valentine’s Day with a giant walking ashtray, give your heart to a vaper.  Because e-cigs don’t require burning, there’s no smoke–only a misty vapor, which has an odor that can hardly be detected.

Reason #2: They’re Better Kissers

If your Valentine doesn’t smell like an ashtray, then he/she won’t taste like an ashtray!  When it’s time to pucker up, it won’t feel like you’re locking lips with a pool hall.

Don’t kiss a smoker this Valentine’s Day — kiss a vaper!

Reason #3: Vapers are Healthier People

Aside from the obvious dangers associated with smoking, lighting up does something else that many people aren’t aware of: It weakens your immune system.  According to LiveStrong, smoking “depresses antibodies and cells that are in the body to protect against foreign invaders…There is also a significant decrease in immune cells that normally help the body.”  Yuck!  Smokers gets colds more often than nonsmokers, and they’re more intense and long-lasting.

Reason #4: They’re More Physically Attractive

There’s no way around it: Smoking shows on the inside of your body — AND the outside.  There are surefire signs that someone is a smoker: loose, wrinkly, sagging skin (all over your body); pale, pasty, uneven skin tone; lines around the lips; age spots; stained fingers; yellow (or missing!) teeth and unhealthy gums; cataracts; baldness; and psoriasis.  If you don’t believe us, check out this article on CNN.

Reason #5: They’re Happier!

What’s there NOT to be happy about?!  Vapers are healthier, healthier looking, and they’re saving cash by ditching the cigs.


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