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7 Best Practices to Keep Your Charge

7 Best Practices

We’ve all been there: You’re halfway to your destination in the car or midway through your work day when your battery flashes to show it’s out of charge. The delicious vapors dissipate, and you’re left without a way to enjoy your ecig until you get a chance to recharge – unless you have a backup battery, of course!

It may seem like your charges last for less and less time than they used to, and the older your battery is, the more likely that flash may indicate the last sign of life you’ll ever get from your trusted ecig companion. Regardless of your situation, you want to get the most from your batteries, and we’ve got a few tips to help you keep your charge – and your vape – going.

Keep it clean    

One of the best things you can do to keep your battery working well is making sure that the contacts are clean. As you use your ecig, the contacts get exposed to outside air, plus the possibility of a spill or leak of your e-juice. This can create gunky residue and grime buildup on the battery/contact, which can reduce the effectiveness of your battery and even corrode it to a point that makes your battery unusable or just plain unsafe. Take a few moments to regularly wipe the contacts clean with a fresh cloth or cotton swab to keep your battery in good shape.

Use it or lose it

Another way to keep your battery running well is as simple as doing what you’re already doing: Use it daily. The lithium-ion composition of most ecig batteries is not too dissimilar from the kind of batteries used in cellphones and other electronics, which are meant to be used and recharged daily. These batteries actually perform best when used regularly. Allowing the battery to have a regular pattern of charging up and discharging to keep the cells active can make a world of difference in the life of your battery.

Wear sunscreen

OK, we’re not recommending you actually put sunscreen on your battery, but you should keep it out of the sun whenever possible. Sunlight and heat can detrimentally affect a battery and reduce its lifespan. Always try to stow your battery in a cool, shaded, and secure place to keep it from meeting an untimely end.

Store charged

Another important charge habit is to not store batteries for any extended period with less than 50 percent of its full charge. When batteries aren’t fully charged, they drain more rapidly as they work to conserve and store the remaining stored power. If you expect to be storing a battery for any extended period, try to leave them fully charged to minimize the effect. An often unused battery cell is – a lot of times – a lost or damaged battery cell. (See above: Use it or lose it)

Proper handling

This one goes without saying – we hope! – but you should also be careful with handling your ecig to prevent accidental drops or falls. Be aware of where you’re placing your ecig when you set it down so that it doesn’t roll off onto the floor or ground, as blunt force impacts can dent, ding and even destroy your battery. The same is true of water, which as everyone knows, usually spells doom for electronics. Be careful with your handling and your battery will thank you.

Check the atomizer

Ensuring your battery’s life isn’t only about the battery. The cartomizers, tanks or atomizers you use may lead to problems if the threading is worn or blocked with grime. This can lead to a poor contact with the battery and even cause damage to the threading of the battery itself, ruining the battery for future use. Just as with the contacts, check and clean the threads of your favorite vaping device to make sure that you’re getting the best from both it and your battery.

Keep ‘em separated

Lastly, if you’re not actively using your ecig, untwist your components and keep them disconnected to help preserve battery life. Just like phantom power draws electricity in your home when devices are plugged in but not being used, keeping your battery connected can cause a slow draw from the battery. This is particularly true of automatic batteries, which pull without using a button to control the on-off functionality. If you’re storing your ecig overnight or not going to be using it for a few hours, keeping it disconnected can help you keep your charge.

Of course, accidents can happen and batteries can fail from use, age or a multitude of other issues. We carry many great batteries to help keep you powered and vaping throughout the day. Whether you’re replacing an old one, upgrading to a battery with longer life or want to add another battery to your rotation to make it through your days, we can help. Check out our inventory today!