7 Female Celebrities Who Should Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

Whether they are stressed from overwork, being taunted by paparazzi, taking a beating in the media, suffering a dramatic breakup or simply striving to be thin, female celebrities are constantly turning to cigarettes to cope. Instead, they should quit smoking and pick up an e-cigarette to unwind. E-cigs even come with plenty of delicious flavors to match each star’s unique personality. Here are a few suggestions for some of today’s biggest celebs.

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1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

After being caught carrying on a torrid affair with her married director, K-Stew and her longtime love Robert Pattinson clung to the tattered shards of their broken relationship for several months before finally splitting. Such an ordeal would send even an ordinary person into a tailspin of anxiety, but having the dirty details broadcast to the world surely took its toll on Kristen’s nerves (especially if her frequent chain-smoking is any indication). Kristen should chill out with some Peach Green Tea e-liquid. Green tea is said to help calm the nerves, and the Peace Green Tea flavor soothes the mind, body and soul. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for K-Stew!


2. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Don’t let that doll-like face fool you. Behind those big, sweet-looking eyes, Kunis is hiding a biting wit and a killer sense of humor. The martini-inspired Black Mamba e-liquid contains a splash of citrus perfect for Mila’s acid tongue. Much like its namesake snake (namesnake?), Black Mamba has a major bite, and so does Mila. Plus she could probably use some help relaxing after dealing with Ashton Kutcher’s notoriously childish ways.


3. Jessica Alba


photo courtesy of  TechCrunch

If any celebrity on this list needs a cocktail, it’s definitely busy mother of two Jessica Alba. The Gummi Bear e-liquid flavor is the perfect choice for this harried mom to unwind. Created with the popular and delicious Gummi Bear shot in mind, this flavor offers all the yumminess of this candy-inspired cocktail without having to head to the club. While Jessica might not always be able to get away for a night on the town, the Gummi Bear e-liquid can still give her a taste of the nightlife.


4. Rihanna

Ambiance of a small stage. Love it.

photo courtesy of Boris Kasimov

With her hectic schedule as one of the world’s biggest superstars combined with her, shall we say, questionable taste in men, can anyone blame Rihanna for needing to let loose? Pirate’s Booty e-liquid is the perfect flavor for this Caribbean goddess. Inspired by the Rum Runner cocktail, Pirate’s Booty mixes plenty of exotic fruit juices with island rum to create the tastiest thing to come out of the islands after Rihanna herself.


5. Miley Cyrus


photo courtesy of Melissa Rose

One minute she’s twerkin, tossing her tongue to and fro and humping a giant teddy bear, the next minute she’s killing it with a subdued, acoustic performance on SNL. It’s clear that “just being Miley” can mean anything from portraying a sexy and spastic pop star to exuding a more in control, chilled out persona. The Fire and Ice e-liquid tastes like hot and sweet cinnamon candy with a hint of cool menthol, making it the perfect flavor to suit any of Miley’s extreme moods. Whether she’s preparing for a fiery hot twerkfest or planning a cool, no-frills performance to remind us of her natural talent, Cyrus should stick to vaping Fire and Ice and leave the on-stage joint smoking antics to the Biebz.


6. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Releases Music Video For New Track 'Burning Desire'

photo courtesy of Jaguar MENA

After growing up poor and even living in a trailer park at one point, Lana Del Rey burst onto the music scene to become one of today’s most beloved pop stars. Her killer pipes are matched by her amazing fashion sense, which has even gained the approval of famously grumpy Karl Lagerfeld. To top off her recent run of success, rumor recently began swirling that Lana is secretly engaged to her boyfriend, Barrie-James O’Neill. It seems like Lana could definitely use the Happy Endings e-liquid to celebrate her good fortune.


7. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes wears Benjamin Eyewear - Kayne in Crystal

photo courtesy of Guise Archives

Eva Mendes has long been known as a talented and beautiful actress, but it wasn’t until she nabbed Ryan Gosling that she made it onto everyone’s radar. The much drooled-over Gosling has legions of adoring female fans just waiting for this sexy couple to bite the dust so they can move in on the Gos. Could the stress of knowing that half the world is waiting with bated breath for her relationship to crumble be the reason why Mendes is frequently photographed with a cigarette in hand? Instead, she should unwind with a vape session. And what flavor e-liquid should Ms. Mendes select? Sweet, smooth Swagger, of course! After all, what’s swaggier than scoring Ryan Gosling?

These a-list ladies have their flavors picked out, what about you? Do you consider yourself hot and cold like Miley, or sneakily charming like Mila? Test out a few of Pink Spot’s high quality e-liquids and see what flavors best fit you! Happy Vaping.


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