7 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Vapes

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is in the air. If you come across a gal who’s still smoking those stinky sticks, keep moving. Why? A girl who vapes won’t look at you funny when you get excited about your new atomizer and she’ll hardly bat an eye when you anxiously look out the front window waiting for vape mail. Plus, you won’t have to explain to her what a throat hit or drip tip are. She knows what’s up.

Still not convinced? Here are seven more reasons you need to be dating a girl who vapes.

1. Kissing: She’ll Be Good At It

Which would you rather kiss: the inside of a bowling alley or the human equivalent of Etta James’ voice? Simple answer.

2. Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter To Her

Why yes, that is a bedazzled Hello Kitty e-cig. She has one in every color. People laugh. Do you think she cares? Nope. She understands that life is too short to worry about what other people think about her.

We Can Vape It!

3. She Cares About The Way She Looks

Superficial? Not at all. A girl who respects her body will respect others. She’ll have a glowing smile, minty fresh breath, and smooth skin–all thanks to e-cigs. Meanwhile, her cigarette-smoking female counterpart looks like someone let the air out of her face.

4. Health Is Important To Her

One day, while puffin’ on a cigarette, she realized just how much damage she was doing to her health and well-being. She finally made the switch to e-cigs. Why? Health comes first! There’s a girl you want to bring home to Mom.

5. She’s Strong

Quitting smoking is an immense physical challenge. A woman who endures this can probably take over the world.


6. And Brave!

For many people, smoking is a mental/emotional thing, which makes quitting even harder. Breaking a long-held and physically addictive habit can be scary and very overwhelming. Good for her! Put a ring on it.

7. She’s Open To Trying New Things

Did Pink Spot just release a new strange e-juice flavor? Sign her up! The weirder, the better.

Once you find your dream girl, take her shopping with Pink Spot Vapors. She’s been wanting some new merchandise. Happy vaping!

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