7 Reasons to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Electronic cigarettes are gradually gaining momentum, with new e liquid stores popping up every week in cities across the country. More and more people are seeing the benefits of vaping compared with the detriments of smoking regular cigarettes. Here are seven reasons why you should stop smoking, and start vaping today:

no smoking allowed

1. No tar

Forget black lungs and nasty tongues, e-cigarettes leave none of the tar-induced side effects behind. It’s clean and free of any tar-like substances.

2. No bad breath

Cigarette smokers are known to have unattractive breath that can linger for hours. Vaping eliminates the need for the post-cigarette breath mint.

3. No unpleasant odor

Nothing is worse than sitting next to someone after they return from a cigarette break. The aroma follows them wherever they go, but with vaping, the stench is a worry no more.

4. No ash

Ashtrays aren’t standard anymore. Most vehicles used to come with ashtrays and cigarette lighters, but cars nowadays typically don’t come with either of those options. E-cigarettes don’t require ash trays or lighters, meaning no messy ash to clean up.

5. You can vape anywhere

Most public places have banned cigarettes, but vaping is still allowed in public.

6. It’s cheaper than cigarettes

Pack-a-day smokers usually spend about four-times as much money as those who choose to vape. E cigs are healthier for your wallet as well.

7. Smoking is bad for you!

Nicotine isn’t the killer in cigarettes, it’s the over 4,000 chemicals in a burning cigarette that kills. Getting and keeping a cigarette lit requires igniting and inhaling the butane. With e-cigarettes, all you do is press a button and inhale. No harmful chemicals involved.

Smoking traditional cigarettes is exceptionally more harmful than vaping, and this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of the reasons why vaping is better for you. Give it a try and see how you feel. For more information on great tasting e juice, check out Pink Spot Vapors today.


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