All Settled In – part five


All settled in!

So, everything has a place and the place looks beautiful! We had to let go of a lot more stuff! Stuff that I really had my heart set on keeping but just didn’t have the room. The kids will have a fully furnished house when they are ready to move out so that is a plus.

The house is so small we are all tripping over each other, turning TV’s up to drown out the other, eating and cooking in shifts, trying to figure out shower schedules so we have enough hot water. (going from a 55-gallon water heater to a 36 gallon was not something we considered when moving but SHOULD have) The one saving grace is that we have 3 bathrooms so there is always a toilet available!

Smoking still ☹ but less. I am embracing my mod and I never leave home without it. (if I do, I smoke!!) The rule we set that we will not smoke in the house has helped. It is inconvenient to get up and go outside or in the garage to smoke. My husband is killing it! He hasn’t had a cigarette in like two weeks. Looking back to my first post about how my husband would declare that he was quitting smoking only to fail made me think about how strong he is. He keeps trying and that is what is important! I am very proud of him and the steps he has taken to be a nonsmoker! I wish I had his will power.

I think that most of my triggers have subsided as I don’t really feel like I HAVE to have a smoke to calm me down or escape what is going on anymore. I am buying less packs of cigarettes, but I am sure that has something to do with my husband not smoking. I feel like I am smoking less, but I also have a few MUST have cigarettes.

  1. The morning smoke – for me, there is something about the first smoke of the day! This I think will be my hardest routine to curb. I am open to suggestions on how to change this habit!
  2. The after eating smoke – this is such an important cigarette for me. (ugh, I hate that I just called a cigarette important!) but mentally, it means I am done eating.
  3. The before bed smoke – This one is getting easier for me to forgo as I am taking my mod to bed with me.


Did you have any routines that were hard to break? How did you break them?