Breaking News: Pink Spot Vapors Releases Two Energy Drink-Flavored E Liquids!

 e liquid flavor

We are proud to announce that we have officially released two new e-liquid flavors, drawing flavor inspiration from our favorite energy drinks. For vapers looking to cut down on their caffeine consumption and still get a daily taste of their favorite energy drink, look no further than our one of a kind Raging Bull and Raging Blue Bull eLiquids.

Raging Bull 

Red Bull is the brand that is responsible for kicking off the energy drink craze and now you can get that same great taste without the caffeine, calories and sugar. Our appropriately named Raging Bull e liquid is carefully designed to taste exactly like the popular beverage, using only the highest quality ingredients.


Raging Blue Bull

Raging Blue Bull, as you may have guessed, keeps the integrity of the Raging Bull flavor and adds a hint of blueberry. If you crave the taste of Blueberry Red Bull, now you can enjoy it in a sweet, smooth vapor formulated from the finest ingredients.


Like all of our Pink Spot Vapors e-liquids, the Raging Bull line of flavors are crafted according to the highest standards in facilities that rival any in the industry for quality, product safety and consistency. Pink Spot Vapors is committed to providing its customers with flavors to remember and experiences to savor. Try Raging Bull, Raging Blue Bull, or any of Pink Spot’s other unique eLiquid flavors today.