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Ejuice Safety: Why It’s Important to Be Careful Around Pets

Ejuice Safety

Our customers know and love the great flavors and tastes of our premium eliquids, but they may not be aware of a potential hazard to other members in their home: their pets. Cats and dogs are great companions who love to go for a walk or curl up on the couch with you while you vape, but eliquid can be a serious hazard to their health. Here’s a look at some reasons to be extra careful when handling your flavors around your four-legged friends.


Cats may have nine lives, but you could be risking them if your feline friend gets into your ejuice. If your eliquid contains nicotine, the active substance that helps give you that stimulating punch from a vape of your favorite flavor, a few drops can easily cause your cat to get nicotine poisoning if they ingest it. Cats are curious, as we all know, so if they lap up some ejuice that split when you refilled, they could be poisoned. They may also get nicotine into their system through their paws, as nicotine can be absorbed through skin and mucous membranes, according to Vetstreet.

Additionally, propylene glycol – or PG – that is used in eliquids can also cause health concerns in cats. This substance – as well as onions – can cause something known as Heinz bodies in cats, or blood cells that have lost their normal structure and have a reduced capability to carry oxygen through the body. Serious cases can lead to anemia, which can be fatal in extreme situations. While PG was actually used in the ‘80s and early ‘90s as a pet food additive, notes EcigaretteReviewed, research showed these problems and led to it being removed from cat food products. Again, as with nicotine, the danger comes with ingestion, so it’s best to keep any eliquid products out of the reach of your cat companion.


On the other side of the pet spectrum, dogs are also susceptible to dangers from vaping. Just the same as with cats, nicotine in eliquids can be dangerous to dogs. Just as you don’t give your dog chocolate, nicotine can cause similar problems in your pup, including increased heart rate and breathing, vomiting, tremors, seizures and more, says the Pet Poison Helpline. Small dogs are particularly susceptible to problems given their size, though all dogs are at risk from ingesting or coming into contact with eliquids.

Dogs are also susceptible to a problem unlikely with cats – chewing an ecig. Puppies love to chew on their toys, and if they confuse your ecigarette for their latest play thing, they could be biting into an incredibly dangerous item. A dog eating a battery can cause sharp metals to enter a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, not to mention the potential burns or chemical damage from eating a battery. Plus, if your ecigarette was recently refilled, there’s a potentially lethal dose of nicotine that could be involved as well. If your dog has chewed up your ecig, contact a vet immediately. Swift action by a veterinary professional could be the difference in saving your dog from serious medical problems, and perhaps even save their life.

Pets and Vaping

Fortunately for vapers, the clouds generated by your ecig contain a negligible byproduct amount of nicotine and PG, meaning that you can continue to vape around your pet in confidence. However, don’t refill your ecig over their food or water dishes either, to be safe, and be sure to clean up any spills quickly and completely to prevent any problems from occurring.

At Pink Spot Vapors, all of our ejuice flavors are packed in childproof – and pet proof – bottles to help keep little ones – human, canine and feline alike – from getting into substances they shouldn’t. Still, you should always handle your eliquids with care, and keep them out of the reach of pets and children for safety’s sake. Fortunately, we don’t carry tuna or beef flavored eliquids that your pets might crave, but we do stock a great selection of gourmet ejuice flavors that you’re sure to love – if you don’t already! Check them out today!