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European Union Ruling On E-Cigarettes: Bad News For Tobacco

The European Union has serious plans to curtail the tobacco industry. New anti-tobacco legislation passed by the EU focuses on the packaging of tobacco products, as well as the selling of electronic cigarettes. Beginning in 2016, e-cigs will be sold as consumer products, while traditional cigarettes will require graphic images and text warnings that cover a large portion of their packaging.

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A definite blow to the tobacco industry, the ruling also served as a victory for e-cig users and the benefits of e liquid over tobacco sticks. Here’s what the ruling means for both e-cigs and traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigs OK

European governments originally called for most e-cigs to be sold as medical devices, which require strict regulation and could have served as a blow to the industry. The EU instead labeled e-cigs as consumer products, keeping refillable e-cigarettes available for purchase throughout the EU. A future ban could be imposed, but this ruling appears to be a big win for the booming e-cig industry.

Tobacco in Trouble?

In 2016, tobacco products sold in Europe will feature picture and text warnings covering 65% of packaging, front and back. This includes cigarettes, rolling tobacco and similar products. A ban on flavored smoking tobacco products will also be imposed, as will the prohibition of menthol options in 2020.

Is the tobacco ruling too strict, or necessary? Will it result in increased e-cigarette usage? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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